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Why does Kathleen Wynne hate me and my sons

Why does Kathleen Wynne hate me and my sons

Kathleen Wynne either hates me and my sons, or she's stupid.
Kathleen Wynne either hates me and my sons, or she's stupid.



Today's video is called, "Why does Kathleen Wynne hate me and my sons?"

For those not familiar with Ontario, Canada, we are one of the 10 provinces that make up Canada. Over 38% of the population lives in Ontario, with about 6 million in the Toronto area.  The premier of our province is Kathleen Wynne. If we were in the US, she would be the equivalent of a governor.  Ontario, in my opinion, is the politically correct, and most feminist area of Canada. Heck, our premier is even a lesbian.  Now, on a nearly daily basis I am reminded that my premier hates me for being a white cis male.

In this segment I will show that Kathleen Wynne either hates me, or is simply stupid.  I will let the viewers decide.

In an effort to tackle sexual violence, the government is using $41,000,000 for a public education campaign, with ads that directly calls on bystanders to intervene.  I guess Kathleen the feminist is all for ending gender roles, so long as we keep the role of men as protectors.  Well, screw you Kathleen.  In the commercials there are 3 or 4 situations depicted and in all cases the bad guy is male.

And it doesn't just end there.  Stronger workplace safety legislation requiring employers to investigate workplace harassment. There will also be legislation to eliminate the two-year limitation period for civil sexual assault claims.  Along with the legislation is something they call an “enhanced prosecution model” tailored to sexual assault cases.  Who knows. Maybe they will follow the US college system of declaring guilt with no due process.

When the Canadian Association for Equality asked why Kathleen Wynne's narrative is that men are uniformly the violent and evil aggressor, the response was a misquoted Statistics Canada stat. Kathleen says that 90% of sexual violence victims are women, but the statistic is that 90% of women that are sexually assaulted are assaulted by men.  Even with this misquoted statistic, the ads are totally ignoring the fact, by Wynne's own flawed data, that 10% of female sexual assault is at the hands of a female.  Is this just plain stupidity, or is there a feminist agenda at play? 

In a video put out by the Canadian Association for Equality, I found a comment that captures how flawed this $41,000,000 program is.  It is provided here, courtesy of You-Tuber Theron Meyer, in a letter he addressed to Kathleen Wynne:

Hello Kathleen

I recently came across the promotional video for the #WhoWillYouHelp campaign funded by the Ontario government. What I saw was troubling. . .

My biggest problem with this campaign is that it sets up a 'gender war' narrative where men are uniformly the violent and evil aggressor and women are the innocent and victimized damsels - neither a positive nor realistic picture of either gender.

As more comprehensive and unbiased research arises, so does a growing body of evidence that men are on the victim side of the equation much more often than feminists seem to claim. When CAFE asked you about the research behind the justification for the stance of your campaign, you misquoted a STATSCAN statistic by saying that 90% of sexual violence victims are women, when in fact the statistic is that in 90% of the cases where women are sexually victimized, the perpetrators are male. Those two statements say completely different things, but your actions really exemplify how one must bend and twist evidence and reality to create the gender narrative played out by your campaign. But let's look at the facts:

According to the 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, equal number of men and women were raped in the 12 months prior to the survey. However, it is not displayed as such because female-on-male rape, i.e. forced envelopment or being 'made to penetrate', was not categorized as rape. http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/nisvs_report2010-a.pdf

A study that was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2005, found that more boys (6.7%) than girls (5.4%) experienced completed rape. http://www.avoiceformen.com/misandry/boys-raped-more-often-than-girls/

According to a paper published in the American Psychological Association journal, 43% of high school and college-aged men say they’ve had “unwanted sexual contact,” and 95% of those say a female acquaintance was the aggressor.

As quoted from "Women's sexual aggression against men: prevalence and predictors":

"In a sample of 212 female participants studied by Anderson and Aymami (1993), 28.5% reported the use of verbal coercion, 14.7% had coerced a man into sexual activity by getting him intoxicated, and 7.1% had threatened or used physical force. Higher prevalence rates were established in a subsequent study by Anderson (1998) in which the same instrument was used. Prevalence of verbal coercion was as high as 43%, and 36.5% of respondents reported having gotten a man intoxicated to make him engage in sexual acts. Threat of force was reported by 27.8%, use of force by 20%, and threatening a man with a weapon by 8.9% of the female participants."

Putting men and women neatly in these categories hurts them both. Evidence contrary to the narrative of aggressor=male and victim=female, is ignored, suppressed and censored, which leaves the truth of male victimhood in the dark and the notion of male predation inflated. The exaggeration of female victimhood, using this simplistic and monolithic narrative, imparts the notion that women have no agency in the matter, that they incapable and in need of everybody's help. Instead of bestowing on women and girls a since of agency, capability and self-determination, you choose to cast them in the disempowering and infantilizing victim role. In this role, a woman is apparently so incapable, that simply telling a man to stop touching her shoulders or to report it to HR herself, is simply out of the question. No, everyone in the office must gang together and do it for her.

And there are so many reasons not to get incapacitated drunk in a public setting (for both men and women) - getting into fist fights, having your things stolen, getting behind the wheel, and being taken advantage of - but instead of telling women to be responsible adults, you tell the rest of the world to take care of them like they're incompetent babies.

The message that the  #WhoWillYouHelp  campaign sends is problematic in so many ways, and I hope you reconsider your framework.


Theron Meyer

I urge everyone, including people that do not even live in Ontario, to email a copy of this letter to the premier's email address.    The letter and email address are provided in the description box below this video. It will also be available on my blog.  If you are uneasy of sharing your email address with a government entity, then please share this video or the  blog post to spread this information far and wide. 

Email your feedback to

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If you have a twitter account, feel free to voice your displeasure using the Hash-tag, #WhoWillYouHelp

To contact the Ontario Legislature at Queen's Park, call 416-325-7500. For Kathleen Wynne call 416-325-1941.

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C.A.F.E. VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/TqATrTMUoWg

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