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The Cost of Love in Canada, 2015

The Cost of Love in Canada, 2015

True dat.
True dat.



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Today's video is called, The Cost of Love in Canada, 2015.

A friend of mine, forwarded to me, an info-graphic that broke down the cost of love in Canada, for the year 2015. Love was quantified as One year of dating, followed by a one-year engagement, plus the average cost of a wedding in Canada. The statistics were compiled by, and this year's edition crept up in cost versus last year's numbers.  This year you could expect to pay 11.4% more!

Part 1, is one year of dating.

12 fancy dates consisting of a nice dinner and theatre tickets


24 Casual dates consisting of takeout dinners, coffee and Netflix


12 Movie dates, including popcorn and candy for two


2 Weekend Getaways of 2 days and 2 nights away, plus $100 in credit card charges


A beach Vacation for two


New wardrobe


Apology flowers


Total dating costs


Part 2, is the one year engagement.

Another year of dates


Engagement ring


Engagement party


Total engagement costs


Part 3, is the Wedding day.

Wedding Dress


Wedding Venue




Average cost of the entire wedding,


Grand total


Cost of being a mangina.


The grand total, spread out over the 2 year period, comes out to $484.02 per week.

What could you use, $484 a week for?

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