Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Jessica Valenti : Femifascist of the Week

Jessica Valenti : Femifascist of the Week

Once in a while (actually too often) I come across an image that infuriates me to no end. What makes it more despicable is that you cannot simply brush it off as a dimwit wearing an objectionable shirt.  It is a "3rd wave" feminist who is often touted as a leader of 3rd wave feminism.  When I read that I immediately visualized the BP oil spill with the thick crude washing ashore, and coating sea-life and birds in this toxic black sludge.... except the toxic black sludge is this woman.   As she 'bathes in male tears', my thoughts turned towards what the recent news has been like.  Gaza,  Egypt, Ukraine, Syria, Bahrain... all places of misery, and innocent children dying.  I personally would love to crowd-source a one way ticket to any of these places for Ms. Valenti... preferably while she wears her favorite top 'I bathe in male tears'.

I could go on with the typical misandric quotes the femifascist of the week, but instead I made a picture.  Afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words.  PLEASE share this picture, and with any luck it will be the first picture that shows up whenever someone googles her name in image search.  Tweet it, bookmark it, share it on Reddit, share it on Facebook, and do it several times.

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Jessica Valenti  Femifascist of the week
This is what a feminist looks like


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