Sunday, 6 March 2016

#MGTOW Call to Action: Project Athena

Description: Join me in taking over the hashtag #imAFeminist to tell the world what feminism is REALLY about. Sample messages are listed below. My twitter account: Feminsim in 1 word: Hey #ImAFeminist check out An open letter to feminists (from me) Hey #ImAFeminist check out Hey #ImAFeminist, check out Questioning Feminists Is Now Rape #ImAFeminist because I HATE free speech. #ImAFeminist because I love disrupting a forum about battered husbands #ImAFeminist because I love pulling fire alarms to disrupt men's rights lectures #ImAFeminist because I love lobbying against shared parenting. #ImAFeminist because I heinously believe there is no such thing as a male victim. #ImAFeminist because I want to be a perpetual victim. #ImAFeminist because I like shutting down debate by labelling everyone a Misogynist at every turn #ImAFeminist because I believe in breast cancer getting 2-3X the funding as prostate cancer (which kills just as many) #ImAFeminist because 60% of students entering higher education are female, but I’m still not satisfied! #ImAFeminist because I LOVE hiding the fact that 50% of domestic violence is started by the female. #ImAFeminist because I like perpetuating the wage gap myth. The gap is EFFORT. #ImAFeminist because I love going to the UN and asking them to censor the internet because people criticize me. #fascists #ImAFeminist because I love venerating single mothers, and demonizing dads. self plugs #ImAFeminist because I enjoy raising screwed up sons. #ImAFeminist because I like using the UN to promote male servitude. #ImAFeminist because I LOVE hypocrisy and double standards Ontario, Canada specific #ImAFeminist because I LOVE disrupting meetings by the Canadian Association for Equality #ImAFeminist because I LOVE ignoring men's issues. #ImAFeminist because I LOVE supporting feminist politicians who hate men. Link to video:

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