Sunday, 31 May 2015

Canadian MGTOW Flying Circus: Potato Beatdown !

Canadian MGTOW Flying Circus: Potato Beatdown !

Be the victim wished he asked for just potato chips
Be the victim wished he asked for just potato chips



Welcome to another "Canadian MGTOW Flying Circus" Video.  A series in which I will look at the lighter side of life.

Today's episode  is called, "Potato Beatdown. "

Rachel Salters, 46, was arrested  on charges of child abuse and tampering with evidence.

Apparently a verbal argument started after the victim, a 12 year old boy, asked her to make him some dinner. Things escalated when Rachel picked up a full bag of potatoes and began swinging it at the boy.  The boy ran to the bathroom, locked the door and hid behind the toilet.

Undeterred, Rachel kicked down the bathroom door, and began hitting the boy in the head with the bag of potatoes. Eventually the bag broke open, and she resorted to throwing potatoes at the boy.

During the investigation, Rachel told police that she didn't know why the bathroom door frame was broken or how the potato got in the bathroom. She was later charged with tampering, after removing a potato marked as evidence, from the bathroom.  Her response to the deputy was that she just wanted to clean up the bathroom.

Sure, Rachel. Sure.

I will conclude this video with a potato joke.

What's red, sits in the corner and gets smaller and smaller?

A baby combing it's head with a potato peeler!

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