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The Mangina Chronicles. Episode 2. Easter Dinner

The Mangina Chronicles. Episode 2. Easter Dinner

Can you teach an old mangina, new tricks?  Nope.
Can you teach an old mangina, new tricks?  Nope.



Today's video is called, "The Mangina Chronicles. Episode 2. Easter Dinner"

Names and places have been changed. The Mangina Chronicles, follows the real life of experiences of someone I will refer to as Mangina Fred, and my interactions with him.

Hi! I am Emily. My Mom is a feminist, and my Dad is a Mangina. These are their stories.

Part 1.
Disney World.
A last minute planned vacation landed Mangina Fred at Disney World.  Not soon after they arrived, his wife who is frequently ill, caught a bad cold.  One day, Mangina Fred wakes up early on his own and spends 3 hours going on rides that are too scary for his daughter, and of no interest to his wife.  While showing me pictures of his trip, he confessed to me those 3 hours were the most free he felt in years.  When he came back to the hotel, around 11 AM,  both his daughter and wife were awake but still in bed.  She chastised him for leaving her on her own with just the child.  His nurturing wife, by the way, doesn't have much patience with her own daughter.

Part 2.
The knap-sack.
As a helpful gesture to his wife, Mangina Fred carried his wife's knap-sack all around Disney World for her.  Although it only contained 2 water bottles, he said he just did it because otherwise she'd complain about her shoulders getting sore, and then would accuse him of not being considerate of her chronic shoulder pain.  The same chronic pain she's had for over 15 years and does little about.  One time at a meal, his wife got agitated by some way the child was eating, and had a meltdown.  He mentioned when she has a meltdown with her child, she will storm off and leave the child behind whether he is next to the child, or 15 feet away looking at souvenirs for instance.  During the restaurant drama, Mangina Fred left behind the knap-sack as he was attending to the crying child.  When they later discovered the knap-sack was missing, it was obviously Fred's fault.

Part 3.
Easter Dinner.
Mangina Fred called me on Easter Sunday and invited me over for dinner and a belated birthday get together.  It was short notice, and while he described what he was making for their Easter Dinner, I casually asked what his wife was doing.  She was lying on the couch, doing NOTHING.

Part 4.
Dinner is served.
Upon arrival at Mangina Fred's house...
I should of said his wife's house. She wears the pants in the family, and she barks the orders.
Anyhow, the whole time Mangina Fred is carving the ham,  checking on the potatoes, steaming the peas, preparing the Squash, keeping an eye on his daughter, and trying to get his daughter to settle down at the table, his wife casually sits on the couch and does nothing.  Nothing productive. Unless spending half the time interjecting in conversation, or talking to her prized dog.  I can say with all honesty, she loves that damn dog more than her own child, and definitely more than her husband.  Just as the food is put on the table, after insisting that the dog get his "fair share' of squash and ham, she decides to take the dog for a walk because she feels he has to go urgently.  Again with the dog!  My only surprise was that she did not tell Mangina Fred to do it.  About 15 minutes later the guest of honor, the dog, comes back, everything needs to be re-heated, and of course the daughter, who is autistic, is more antsy than ever.

Part 5.
The blow up.
This is both sad and funny. I rarely visit, so I have a pretty good memory of events during the last visit.  I admit their autistic child is a handful, but her mother can go from calm, to eruption in 1 second flat.  I thought I would be spared this time around, until the 7 year old came bounding into the living room and jumped up onto the couch next to me.

Out of the blue. Eruption.

Loud yelling followed the child whose apparent egregious disregard, for the couch, was exclaimed.  Something about the couch belonging to the wife's parents for over 30 years, blah, blah, blah, blah.  The yelling was the type of yelling that makes a 7 year old child buckle to the floor and start crying.  "What do you say?", Fred's wife yelled.

Between tears, the child cries, "I'm so sorry Mommy!"

 It was like a scene from Mommy dearest. 

The only funny part is that when Fred's wife erupts, she literally sounds like Howard Wollow-witz's Mom, on the show Big Bang Theory.  I kid you not.  

Mangina Fred, just stands there and does nothing.  As neutered as his wife's dog. He had a chance to find some balls, and aimed some criticism at his wife,  who might of backed down in front of a guest, rather than storm off like she usually does when they are in a similar situation alone.

Part 6.
The cheapest gift EVER.

I am not one to keep score on who spends more on birthday gifts.  I'd much rather have a 10 dollar gift card to my favorite burger joint, than a 30 dollar shirt. Anyhow, while they basked in Florida, my birthday came and went which is fine. I'm at the age now where it's just another day.  They present me a small bag, tell me that they found it in a thrift shop and felt that it just screamed me.  The present was a gag gift called "Grow a New Wife." A hard spongy figurine that promises to grow 5 times its size when soaked in water for 3 days.  I am certain it cost a buck, at the very most.

Usually in the past when friends give a gag gift, it is usually accompanied by a real gift, or at the very least a card.  Nadda.  That was it. I feigned happiness, and left.  Nice to know that 11 years after my divorce, I am still defined as the divorced guy.

Part 7.
The final chapter?

If you ever want to make someone feel undervalued, the preceding story is the way to do it.  For the past year, I have listened, and tried to be a supportive friend to these emotional vampires. Each phone call conversation was consumed by their trials and tribulations of their health problems, their daughter's health problems, her problems in school, her diagnosis of autism, and struggles with the school board to get her the help she needs.  I've listened to Fred's tales of woe about his wife, and how his whole life has become about just keeping the peace, and trying to be proactive in whatever way possible, so he is not blamed again for something that's just as easily her responsibility.  I've tried to help him see that he could easily gain the upper hand, and some peace,  since his wife would never divorce him.  She is a basket-case, and is probably the one mother out there that would NOT fight for sole custody of her daughter.  She controls and runs over him because he lets her. 

It took my first official year as MGTOW, to see that the red pill not only applies to intimate relationships, but to fading friendships as well.

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