Friday, 3 April 2015

QUIZ: Wife or Female Dog?

 QUIZ: Wife or Female Dog?

Stay classy, Lena Dunham
Stay classy, Lena Dunham



This is Canadian MGTOW.  Having fun, and not giving a shit...

Today's video is called, "Wife, or female dog?".

This video was inspired by a sexist article, written in the New Yorker, by the femi-nazi known as Lena Dun-ham.  I prefer to call her, Lena Dumb-dumb. but that's just me.   I was going to add a link to her article, but I choose not to give her article any more traffic.  Titled "Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz", I assume it is her attempt at humor, but it really sucked, and merely revealed her whiny-ness and contempt for men. 

The following question on her quiz, showcases her putting words in other people's mouths, her insecurity, her me. me. me, attitude, and total lack of accountability when it comes to her life choice (whether it is a dog or a boyfriend).  Hallmarks of feminism. She quotes:

When I get home from the business trip, he ignores me for hours, sometimes days, forcing me to wonder whether he would be better off with a woman who has a less demanding career. “Why don’t you find some catalogue model who just sits around all day and rubs your back? I bet you’d like that,” I hiss. “I apologize for my many accomplishments. I’m sorry they mean nothing to you.”

Ok, there. You can bet she would be shrieking sexism, if the sexes were reversed.  What a dumb-ass.

My quiz, might just prevent you from getting married, or getting a dog, or both!  So I present to you the MGTOW quiz, "Wife, or female dog?"

 Do the following statements refer to (a) my female dog, or (b) my wife.

1. The first thing I noticed about her was her big tail.

2. We love to spend hours in bed together on Sunday mornings.

3. She’s crazy for my bone.

4. She hogs the bed.

5. She can get pretty moody.

6. She gets upset at ME when I am forced to stay late at work.

7. She has asthma, and other health problems.

8. She is judgmental about the food I serve her.

9. She comes from a culture in which mothers are lauded for their attention on their offspring.

10. She expects to be waited on hand and foot by the men in her life, and anything less than that makes her whiny and distant.

11. I wish she were more excited about spending time with my friends.

12. More than a few men have seen her privates.

13. She's fat, and really needs to lose some weight.

14. And she never brings her money anywhere.

15. She came with me to counseling and just whined the whole time.

16. When I go out of town on a business trip, she wants to come too.

17. She always wants to go out, when I feel like staying in.

18. I don't appreciate finding her hair in my food.

19. She  loves doggy style.

20. She has a sensitive stomach and has to take two Dramamine before entering any moving vehicle.

21. I have more Insta-gram followers than she does.

22. She ripped up my copy of “Marriage Strike.”

23. She has an obsession with peanut butter that is troubling to me.

24. Every week it’s some new health issue: her bloody discharge, sprained foot, allergy.

25. She hates the bitch across the street, but can't tell me why.

26. She can no longer get pregnant.

27. In fact, She has black hair all over her legs, like most females who share her background.

28. Her best friend is a bitch.

29. She briefly dated another John, but he was black and a runner.

30. A lot of things seem to trigger her.

31. She’s doesn't know who her Dad is.

This concludes this quiz.

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