Thursday, 5 March 2015

Canada Honors Nimoy with #SpockYourFives

 Canada Honors Nimoy with #SpockYourFives




Today's video is called, "Canada Honors Nimoy with #SpockYourFives"

With the passing of actor Leonard Nimoy last week, Canadians have been doodling on the country's five dollar bills.  Former Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier, inked up with pointy ears, eyebrows and  a matted black hairdo, reveals a decent similarity to Spock. According to the Bank of Canada, it is not an illegal thing to do, but they have politely asked Trekkies to cut it out.

Here's a double example. Minus one point for not using a black pen. These were done on the 2006 series bill.

Here's one with black ink. Much better.

Why stop at art, when he can say something.

Here's an older 1986 series note.

Here's one with a bearded Spock.

Not to be outdone, why not add the hand sign?

Spocking also lends itself well to the newest polymer notes.  Don't forget the hash-tag!

Another polymer note that came out pretty good.

Here's an American attempt, but I find Lincoln's beard doesn't quite work well.

Here's a novelty note. Apparently good for one "bowl cut" at your local haircutter.

Here's Homer Simpson.  Just because.

Australia got in on the act. But if you look closely, it is actually Queen Elizabeth under there.  Or maybe she's a transsexual?

Someone back in Canada had a lot of time on their hands.  Here's what a proposed Spock bill would look like, compared to the current five dollar bill above.

Live long and prosper, Spock!

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