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The Skyrocketing Cost of Sex - MGTOW Money

The Skyrocketing Cost of Sex - MGTOW Money

Welcome to the first in my series about MGTOW Money
Welcome to the first in my series about MGTOW Money

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This is Canadian MGTOW.  Having fun, and not giving a shit...

Today's video is called, "The Skyrocketing Cost of Sex - MGTOW Money."

In the epic socialist experiment that is Venezuela, shortages have become commonplace in the last two years. Venezuela's currency, the Bolivar, devalued 89%.  Finding soap and shampoo are hard to come by. The 100 McDonald's franchises have run out of potatoes, so now they are offering deep-fried flatbreads instead of fries.  A noodle maker had to stop production due to a lack of hard currencies like the US Dollar. So, No Soup For You !

Most of these shortages are due to the country's tight currency controls. A McDonalds Happy meal now cost $27 at the official exchange rate. Amid food shortages and electricity blackouts, most Venezuelans have to line up for hours for basic necessities.  It is now against the law to take photos of empty store shelves.  And forget luxuries.  The country has even run out of breast implants.

But now there is news that Venezuela has truly hit rock bottom.  Condoms are in very short supply.  If you can find a pack, after lining up for hours, be prepared to pay $755, at the official exchange rate, for a pack of condoms, or 4,760 bolivars. The minimum monthly wage in the country is 5,600 Bolivars. "The country is so messed up that now we have to wait in line even to have sex,” lamented a 31-year-old advertising company director. Venezuela had the third-fastest rate of HIV infections per capita in South America. The country also has the 2nd highest rate of teenage pregnancies on the continent, at 83 per 1,000.  In Germany, the rate is only 4 per 1000, while the US is 31 per 1000.

Someone might say that one alternative to the condom shortage, is perhaps to just partake in oral sex. If you know for certain that your partner doesn't have HIV or some other disease, this MIGHT be an alternative, but I am only saying MIGHT.  Another item the country has run out of is, toilet paper.  And remember, soap is hard to come by as well.

Would you pay $755 US, to have sex with, your most recent sex partner? 

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