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HeForShe: Impact 10x10x10 and, the 43 dollar hot-dog

HeForShe: Impact 10x10x10 and, the 43 dollar hot-dog

HeForShe: Impact 10x10x10...  No thanks.

HeForShe: Impact 10x10x10...  No thanks.

HeForShe: Impact 10x10x10 and, the 43 dollar hot-dog VIDEO

Transcript for HeForShe: Impact 10x10x10 and, the 43 dollar hot-dog VIDEO

Today's video is called, "HeForShe: Impact 10x10x10 and, the 43 dollar hot-dog."

Dear Miss Watson,

You may have noticed I did not sign up to your invitation for He-For-She.  Perhaps you didn't notice my video translating your 2014 speech to its true meaning.  And you probably missed my 3 part video, called "84 Issues I have with Emma Watson's UN Speech".  It's available in ten-eighty-Pee, since I'm sure all your TVs are big screen. You should check it out!

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  • 84 Issues Ihave with Emma Watson UN Speech - part 3 of 3
This year, you are back again with your sequel called, "Impact 10 by 10 by 10."  All about creating commitments to change, that are both measurable, and visible.  Let phase 2 of the feminist indoctrination begin!


Last year, you said, “The more I spoke about feminism, the more I realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating,’’ Yes, that is true, but it is up to YOU to fix that perception, not simply telling me to stop.  To date, I have seen not even 1 attempt at your side changing this perception. But you know very well, that you can only tell me to stop, because in reality there is a gap between feminism's definition and feminist behaviour.  The fact that feminists constantly point to the dictionary, rather than specific examples of how they actually treat men, is a big, red, flag. The fact that voting on most He-For-She videos is disabled is a lack of transparency. The fact that open debate is either not allowed, or edited out in the comments section of videos (and articles) is outright censorship.  As to the claims of abusive comments, wouldn’t allowing comments that you deem offensive or abusive, actually help your cause? 

Equality is a 2 way street.

Feminism, fails to acknowledge that gender equality, is a two-way street.  The National Organization for Women opposes shared parenting, even though this is a clear gender equality issue.  Look no further than North Dakota in the 2014 elections. Shared parenting was on the ballot and would of made shared parenting the new default, except in cases where a parent was deemed unfit, and would of given each parent EQUAL RIGHTS.  Aside from a group representing Family Law lawyers, which stood to lose some income, the number one opponent of shared parenting were feminist groups! These are not poor groups either as they outspent the Yes side by almost 3:1. Even The Canadian Equal Parenting Council, and Equitable Child Maintenance & Access Society of Alberta, threw in their support, but it was no match for the feminist juggernaut.,_Measure_6_%282014%29

Gender Equality, but just for women.

The He-for-She website states “In recent years men have begun to stand-up in addressing inequalities and discrimination faced by women and girls”.  Being a site that professes gender equality, I looked for a quote addressing discrimination faced by men and boys. I saw nothing, nothing even remotely close; just a vague line stating that helping women will be good for all of us.  That's like saying I'll take my neighbors car in regularly for an oil change, ignore my own car's maintenance, and it will somehow be good for me too. I've only seen one feminist, Christina Hoff Sommers, speak out about the education gap in which boys are falling behind.  But even this one faint ray of hope, is criticized by other feminists, telling her she is not a feminist, and some going as far as saying she is not a woman. On the flip side, some feminists abused children by having them do a video where they drop “F-bombs for Feminism,” and there is not even a whisper of criticism from the feminists. Looks like cult-like behavior to me.

Not reciprocal

On the He-for-She website I also see the quote, "HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other half of humanity."  This sounds very much like….
Oh, I dunno…
You know, that concept you feminists are constantly screaming about?  It implies that my male gender should keep its traditionalist role of protector and provider for women.  That men are merely the tools, utilities, and a means to your end.  Why did you not choose a neutral phrase like “both halves of humanity supporting each other.”  

But what about the Trannies?

And before some feminist comes out of the woodwork and says that this quote is excluding transgender people, please take a piece of paper, write HeForShe in big letters, and stare at those 3 words for a while.  Any mention of transgender in those 3 words?  Nope.  But who will you criticize?  Emma Watson, your celebrity feminist standard bearer, or me, a straight white male?

Congratulations on your new speech

As a man, I loved how your acting was less of "nervous and scared little girl", to more of a "bad cop" role.  I also love how you questioned my gender as to what have we done for you lately. Questions like:
Husbands have you been supporting your female partner privately so that she can fulfill her dreams too?
Young men have you spoken up in a conversation when a woman was casually degraded or dismissed?
How did you take action when you became aware a woman was a victim of violence?
Are you someone that has been persuading men to become "He-For-She’s", and collecting their signatures, for our website?
How many have you got?
We want to know.
To me this sounded like a rapid-fire interrogation.  A cross-examination, trying to nail us for the "thought crime" of not supporting HeForShe.  At times I couldn't tell if this was George Orwell's 1984, or, the Hitler Youth program.

Needs Prioritized

HeForShe implies a priority of her needs over his. It’s easy to dismiss men’s needs because men are after all have all the advantages, all the time!  We get the privilege to live 4 years less than women, commit suicide more often, and die on the job nine times as often.  He-for-She is merely a marketing campaign for keeping male gender roles as is.  Marriage, chivalry, and servitude.  And when there is a female need, the state must exceed!

Misleading the public

Women in America are the freest in the world, yet many feminists tell us women are oppressed. They promote this falsehood through their victim mentality propaganda, and misleading statistics. If I took the entire feminist narrative as the gospel truth, and did not research anything on my own, I would be shocked to learn the following facts and statistics:

The gender wage gap figure is not apples to apples comparison.  It is the average of all men’s wages compared to all women’s wages.  When you look at how many men perform high-paying, and often dangerous work, it does not take a genius to see why the gap exists.

Domestic violence occurs to almost as many men, as it does to women.  You would never know it listening to feminists.

Acid attacks, in which a victim’s face can be horribly disfigured, has occurred 771 times in the past 40 years, but it was men that were more frequently the victims, in every country, with the exception of Taiwan and Bangladesh. I have yet to see one of these male victims on TV, but I have seen several female victims.

The US is the only country in the world in which more men are raped than women.  This is from statistics straight from the department of Justice.  When I mentioned these figures include men in prison, a male feminist actually had the gall to say that those numbers didn’t count! Wow. So a man in prison, who might be there for a non-violent crime, is simply a number; not even a gender! Not even regarded as a person.

A study from the University of Michigan, found that men receive sentences that are 63% higher, on average, than their female counterparts, for the same crimes!  It also found that females, were twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.  


Equality means focusing on both women’s and men’s needs. Feminism is about privilege and exclusion, the displacement of men in higher education, and the abandonment of male spaces is proof of that. It is probably no coincidence that their spokeswoman is Emma Watson. A white, privileged, some say good-looking woman, with a net worth of $60,000,000.  And what better location than Davos, Switzerland, a rich man’s playground, where at the same time the World Economic Forum meeting is taking place featuring the top 1%.  Bring your wallet though, because a hot-dog will cost you $43.  Feminists are like the spoiled rich girl that feels any focus on men’s issues, takes away from the focus on women. The 10 by 10 by 10 program itself wants women to be able to participate more in decision making, including in the home.  Emma, are you even aware, according to Bloomberg Businessweek,  women make more than 80% of buying decisions in all homes? What do you want? 90%? 100%?

Male issues…

Men have no reproductive rights. In New Zealand, mothers can still refuse DNA paternity tests, and just name any guy she slept with as the daddy. In America they make the men pay child support, even when DNA tests prove it’s not his child. French men are forbidden by law to attempt to find out whether the child they are paying child support for is even theirs! There are many more issues like the majority of the homeless are male,  nine in ten workplace deaths are male,  men are more likely than women to be the victim of a violent crime.  Boys are falling far behind in school and at university, but efforts to address these inequalities are shot down. A man who points out these facts is likely to be met with a mocking, “Oh, poor, mens.”  Women can easily shame men into silence.  Feminism in general, has tolerated misandry. In their gynocentric world view, there is misogyny at every turn! But the opposite side of the coin, misandry, is treated as being comical at best. That is if it is even acknowledged at all.  Feminism is like religion.  Just listen… and believe….

My assessment of 10x10x10

The priority of women’s issues, rather than, the equality of women’s and men’s issues, means men’s issues will continue to be mocked, and ignored.  I want to see BASIC RESPECT for a man’s humanity rather than how men can be more useful to women.  Women are objectified sexually, but in the end they are still seen as human beings.  Men, on the other hand are mere utilities to you; a “human doing rather than a human being”.  You could as easily replaced "He-for-She" with "Object-for-Subject"; the subject of course being your royal highness. Sparing women from criticism, puts women on a pedestal, which is in itself, a passive-aggressive form of sexism. Not much different from the Victorian portrayal of women as frail creatures, in need of a fainting couch. That’s why I’ve taken the time to say why I think your campaign is ignorant at best, evil at worst. And like most sequels, this one sucks.

This concludes this article...

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HeForShe. It will leave you implated.
HeForShe. It will leave you implated.

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