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Woman runs over 3 teenagers: She is the victim!

 Woman runs over 3 teenagers: She is the victim!




This is Canadian MGTOW.  Having fun, and not giving a shit about Sharlene.

Today's video is called, Woman runs over teenagers, then sues for emotional trauma.

Richard was 16, when he and 2 friends were riding their bicycles down a country road back in October of 2012, around 1:30 am.  The trio (all teenage boys) were struck from behind by an SUV driven by Sharlene Simon.  One teen, Brandon, was pronounced dead 2 hours later. Richard spent weeks in hospital recovering from broken bones,  and a broken pelvis.  The 3rd teen was not seriously hurt.

Toxicology reports showed no alcohol, nor drugs, in the boys' systems at the time of the accident. The teen that was killed, was hit with such force by the SUV that he dented the bumper, cracked the windshield, dented the roof before landing on the road to die.   Richard is still in pain and in therapy, and "will almost certainly never be the same," said his father.

Although the female driver admitted to driving over the speed limit, doing 90 km/h in an 80 zone, she was soon allowed to leave the scene of the accident by police,  although other witnesses could not leave for another 4 hours.  Although the investigation cited "lack of visibility" of the cyclists was the largest factor on a dark, overcast night, the driver reported to police that she thought she had struck a deer. The father of the dead teen was quoted as saying, "Well, I’ve never seen a deer riding a bicycle with reflectors and a bright yellow jacket on. There is no reason she didn’t see them – you can see a mouse run across that straight stretch of road at night ... I would like to know why she wasn’t charged and why she and her husband were allowed to leave the scene."  Her husband who was following in another car, is a police officer.

Shortly after the accident, a couple caught just a glint of the red bicycle reflectors, and stopped.  The man found Richard in the ditch, while his wife, a teacher,  held Brandon's hand as he lay dying in the middle of the road.  Sharlene Simon's husband, rushed up to the teacher to ask their location so he could call police.  He returned to his wife's damaged vehicle and did NOT return.  Why did he not administer any first aid?  He was a policeman himself after all.  Any police officer has the duty, and moral obligation ,to assist anyone in an accident, especially three kids just run over by someone. And how is it that the couple attending to the boys could see the bike reflectors, while Sharlene could not? The accident was so horrific, an online news source in the United States, called Streets blog USA, awarded Charlene Simon the 2014 “Hell on Wheels” award. 

In the comments section of one news site, covering this accident, a commenter stated, "Those parents were my childhood friends, and it's still affecting them. It was a native cop who used his race as an excuse to get off easy, and he never once apologized, or said a word to the parents, who will never be the same again." The brother of the killed teenager had taken the death very hard. Six months after, the older brother of Brandon died in his sleep from a combinations of pills and alcohol.

So what is a woman to do after she runs over 3 cyclists, and ends up killing one of them, and a 2nd one indirectly?  She sues of course!  The lawyer for the victim's family said, "In my entire career I’ve never heard of anyone ever suing a dead child that they killed. It’s horrible. This is not a counter suit – it has nothing to do with the insurance." 

She blames the teen boys for the accident, her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and wants her counselling covered by the proceeds.  Oh. And she also wants her SUV fixed, including the front end alignment.  She is suing for 1.35 million dollars.  All this 18 months after the accident!  She did not sustain any physical injuries at the time of the accident, but according to a statement of claim filed in Ontario Superior Court,  Sharlene Simon "has sustained and will sustain great pain and suffering" including “a severe shock to her system” as a result of the crash. The document continues on and says, "Her enjoyment of life has been and will be lessened."

After reading that last line, I am simply beside myself.  Is this simply a case of severe mental illness, or low intelligence?  Perhaps a case of solipsism?  Or maybe a very perverse after effect from our gynocentric society? It would really be interesting to see how this story would of played out had the teenagers all been young women.  What are your thoughts? 

Sharlene's "enjoyment of life" may of been lessened, but not as much as Brandon's.

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