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Nancy Kaffer : Femifascist of the week

Nancy Kaffer : Femifascist of the week

Femifascist of the week
Femifascist of the week



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Today's video is called Men Need A Better Men’s Rights Movement said some woman.  It's based on an article from a couple days ago by so-called columnist Nancy Kaffer at the news site The Daily Beast.  Quotes from this article will be in a female voice.  Let's start with the first pot shot.

The world is changing, and men really could use a movement—just not the misogynistic, conspiracy-minded one they have now.

So right off the bat, typical feminist labelling. Here's a tip cupcake: If you want a movement to change, you don't alienate the people in the movement with accusations right off the bat.

The first time I heard the phrase “men’s rights movement,” I think I rolled my eyes.

Wow, so much empathy! I think your credibility is below zero. Replace the word men's with women's in that statement, and she would no doubt unleash her feminist fury.

And I probably rolled them pretty hard, because come on: Men have all of the rights. They control all of the things: The U.S. Congress, corporations, banks, Hollywood, governments, all of the money and power and launch codes in the world.
No, the 1% control those things. First thing about article writing, which I learned in grade 10, was 'know your audience!'  If men truly controlled everything, why would there be a violence against women act? Name one law that benefits men over women.   People don't get elected to office or a board of directors as an act of kindness or compassion. Last time I checked, more than 50% of the voters were female.
Men, particularly white, heterosexual men, are undeniably in charge.
Ah, the bigotry of feminism, and the identity politics of the left.  White men bad. Women good.  Cut the crap and just say that you hate white men, you racist.

Male-dominated industries were hit hardest in the recession, and the employment rate for men still lags; women, in contrast, have regained all jobs lost in the recession (in part because women tend to be paid less, but that’s another story).
What an asinine statement. Ask yourself this, which job, male construction workers, or female secretaries experienced more layoffs? Anyone who has ever done any kind of investing knows full well that different industries do well at different times in an economic cycle.  Also, does she think a construction worker should be paid the same as a receptionist? Good grief.

Girls perform better in school (though this does not, seemingly, result in higher wages).
Do this dipstick ever ask what fields women are going into? Fewer women go into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  If you go into Women's Studies, it may be great fun to complain and blame for the rest of your life, but the fact is complaining and blaming suffers from the law of supply and demand.  There is little demand, but damn well an over-supply of it.  People are paid based on supply and demand, not what your ideology barks it should.
Many marriages end in divorce, and though it’s difficult to nail down a precise statistic, about a third of divorces are initiated by women.
She found it difficult to nail down a precise statistic that fit her ideology.  A SIMPLE Google search yielded the following percentages from the first five search results: 90%, 80%, 75%, 70%, and 90%.  Also, newsflash!  Getting back to the previous point... men might be paid more for doing some jobs because they are simply BETTER AT IT!  You know, like,  researching statistics!

And, according to a new study, men are just more likely to engage in “idiotic behaviour.
Another idiotic statement from the idiotic columnist. What does that statement have to do with ANYTHING with Men's rights other than the idiocy of getting married in the first place? To her credit she did link to the study, but obviously did not read anything past the first few sentences.  Limitations of the study were clearly listed, including its retrospective nature, the selection bias as women may be more likely to nominate men, and reporting bias since male candidates may be more newsworthy.  The data for this study was based not on a detailed scientific study, but on past winners of the comical Darwin Awards.  Hardly a high-brow study, but an opportunity to take another uneducated swipe at men. It's what feminists do best.
Men, haven’t followed suit: Women have almost tripled the number of hours worked outside the home since 1965

This is what happens when feminists take women's studies,  instead of math. Men typically work full-time, which in most cases is a 40 hour work week. Either the columnist wants men to work 120 hours a week, or she is stupid at math.  I'll let you decide.

The amount of time men spend on childcare and housework hasn’t kept pace. The world is changing, and men aren’t keeping up.

Ah yes, housework. When I grew up in the early 1970s my parents were poor, and my mother used a wringer washer.  One load of laundry easily took 30 minutes to wring the water out of the wet clothes one item at a time, then hang them on a laundry line, one at a time.  Today, this bachelor, spends less than a minute loading a washer, comes back to it in 35 minutes, loads the dryer in under a minute, comes back to it in 60 minutes, and the load is done.  Basically 3 minutes work for me.  Next time you go grocery shopping check out how many microwave-able meals, or pre-made meals in a box is in a typical woman's shopping cart.  The world IS changing, but apparently feminist complaints do not in light of the many labour and time saving changes that have come about.  And what does housework have to do with a men's rights article? Just the usual innuendo of "women have it worse"?

Men, it seems, do need a movement. Just not the one they have.
Who is this self-entitle bitch think she is?  This is precisely why feminists are femifascists. They want to control and dictate everything to their gynocentric world view.  She obviously has no need for the current men's movement because it commits several cardinal sins:  Failure to venerate women, and failure to be subservient to women.

Visit the online homes of men’s rights adherents, and you’ll quickly get the impression that the biggest problems facing dudes these days are fat women, sluts, women who claim to have been raped, and, feminism
Not sure which sites this twit went to, but this is typical feminist talk. Feminists never mention that the top men's issues are child custody, adoption rights, divorce, domestic violence against men, education crisis affecting boys, health issues, paternity fraud, prison, and reproductive rights.  And why is that?

Or read a recent opinion piece describing something called “The Sexodus,” a phenomenon in which young, embittered men are departing wholesale from the dating scene. Despite a handful of interviews contained in the piece, this is not something that anecdotal evidence and data would suggest is, at this point, statistically significant.
No doubt this woman has never heard of MGTOW, nor the " Herbivore men" of Japan who shun marriage or gaining a girlfriend.  Yet another so called columnist that does little or no research. As for not being statistically significant, two surveys of single men in their 20s and 30s found that 61% and 70%, respectively, considered themselves Herbivore men. In North America, Google trends show search interest in MGTOW ramping up, with Canada leading the way.
Oh, sure, men’s rights advocates are concerned about the climate in divorce courts, where custody and financial decisions are perceived to favour women. But their approach is conspiratorial—the laws, they say, are rigged and controlled by radical feminists
It's not a conspiracy when facts are in public display.  North Dakota Parental Rights Initiative, Measure 6 was on the 2014 ballot and would establish 50/50 shared parenting, as the default, when parents with children split up, unless a court finds that one parent is unfit.  Sounds very much like the equality that feminist constantly blather about, but the main opposition of this bill was feminists, divorce attorneys, the state bar association.  The campaign cash spent by supporters was $17,160 while those opposed spent $53,000.  The bill did not pass.
I rest my case. For her views and idiocy, Nancy Kaffer receives my femifascist of the week award!
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