Friday, 26 December 2014

Mangina Christmas witnessed by Canadian MGTOW

Mangina Christmas witnessed by Canadian MGTOW

Is it any wonder men die sooner than women?
Is it any wonder men die sooner than women?

Video of Mangina Fred's Christmas

Video Transcript

This is Canadian MGTOW.  Having fun, and not giving a shit...

Today's video is called, Mangina Fred's Christmas.

My mangina friend, let's call him Fred, is obediently dealing with Christmas today. This is the kind of Christmas some of you single blue pill men have to look forward to. His Christmas gifts from his wife consisted of

A wisk  (she doesn't cook)

A cutting board (she doesn't cook)

Underwear (she rarely has sex with him)

and socks...

What did he get her?

A Dyson vacuum cleaner

An Ipad

and  an emerald pendant.

Ah, female privilege.  Talking briefly with her on the phone, I found her more preoccupied with ordering her husband Fred around, discussing Prince William's $10,000 rocking horse, complaining how her husband let her dog's nails get too long, and complaining about the $1 coffee he bought with a coupon, while walking her dog this morning for the 2nd time. And tonight, he will be making the turkey dinner. At least that is what I think he said, because his wife is constantly nattering at him in the background, while he is on the phone.  Men don't let this happen to you.

This concludes this update... If you enjoyed this video, please comment, rate and subscribe.  Thank you. This is Canadian MGTOW, signing off! Save yourself! Go MGTOW...

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