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Canadian MGTOW mentioned in Washington Post

Canadian MGTOW mentioned in Washington Post

 Just 240 days ago I started this fledgling blog, shortly after discovering MGTOW.  I hoped to maybe create some videos and share some thoughts with my fellow MGTOW, and contribute to it's growth.  The number of visitors to my blog, and the number of subscribers to my YouTube videos has surpassed my expectations. Today was one of those days that also exceeded my expectations; but first the background story.

Recently I viewed a video by the Amazing Atheist  [LINK] which brought to my attention yet another irrational event by your friendly neighbourhood feminists.  By now you may of heard how Rosetta Project scientist Matt Taylor gave interviews while wearing a shirt that feminists they deemed sexist. Such was the outrage of feminists and other social justice warriors that the scientist gave a tearful apology the next day.  So basically, you have a group of people who are all against bullying, yet brought a European Space Agency scientist to tears in what would otherwise be the greatest week in his life.

 I love space exploration. At this moment I have several autographed pictures hanging on my wall of 4 of the 12 men that set foot on the moon, the pilot of the first Space Shuttle flight, and Sally Ride, the first American woman in space.  So when feminists spew their poison in this realm, I take notice, and I get very, very, angry.

Amazing Atheist made reference to an article by two feminist trolls with the following, albeit grade school title of "I don't care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist and ostracizing."  They even bastardized the first words spoken from the moon with their 'cutesy' subtitle of "That's one small step for man, three steps back for humankind."  I look at the shirt, and it is simply 1940's style pinup graphics of various women... no nipples, no bare butts, no vaginas, NO NUDITY.  To be honest I have seen more watching Miley Cyrus, or Rihanna, but feminists don't seem to have a problem with these "empowered women." Their body, their choice... blah, blah, blah.

 Amazing Atheist was kind enough to supply the twitter pages of the two article writers.  Chris Plante, a certifiable mangina, Senior editor, and surprise, surprise a co-founder of Polygon.  The same Polygon which was one of the unethical websites that gamers were protesting in the #gamergate battle. The article, even though it was written by a 'Senior Editor',  was further tweeked by a woman described as The amazingly talented Arielle Duhaime-Ross, who I can only assume is the resident feminazi.  I did some searches on twitter, and retweeted anything that voiced displeasure and/or called them out.  Being a creative kinda guy, I crafted a few choice tweets myself.  Nothing foul-mouthed, and keeping it classy in spite of utter contempt for these kind of leftists.

Bern Chapin, who's YouTube channel I regularly watch, mentioned me in one of his videos today.  The gist of his video was that vapid Social Justice Warriors like these need to be called out on their shit, and be openly mocked. It's always a thrill to be mentioned in someone's video [Bern's Video], and it went on to say that this whole event has become called #Shirtgate and #Shirtstorm, with several tweets mentioned in an article in the Washington Post. One of those tweets were mine!

 @RachelFeltman @ArielleDRoss @washingtonpost No, you need to grow up and stop looking for fly shit in pepper. #feminismisawful

Excellent! They even posted my twitter account address and my Twitter handle of Canadian MGTOW!  Getting the word out about MGTOW into mainstream media is great. If just one guy follows me, or looks into MGTOW, and avoids the mistake of getting married in today's society, then that is a huge WIN!  Getting a dig in against childish feminists is a great bonus.  I can only hope that the scientific community turn their sights on these Social Justice Morons, like the gamers did and give them a huge dose of their own medicine.  In the meantime, feel free to boycott The Verge.  Also, keep #Shirtgate and #Shirtstorm alive, with your twitter account.

The article in the Washington Post was written by a female supporter of these Social Justice Idiots.  No bias at all (sarcasm) in the article title of "Scientist apologizes for his sexist shirt, but the Internet still wants women to shut up and die."  This from a writer that is the newspaper's science reporter.  WHY does everything have to be approached through this god-damn gynocentric lens? It's like writing an article about math, and going off on some tangent about how #5 feels neglected and under appreciated by #4.  Standard play of the victim card. Next thing you know they will call the Internet a misogynist tool, or simply male so they can beat up on 'it'.  Here's a little fact:  The internet is not a friendly place for men either!  Politely debate a feminist, and see how far you get before you are called things that even my ex-wife would never call me.  Or, simply go to mainstream media and look up misandric articles like the ones I've mentioned.

The shirt

If anyone knows where I can buy one, let me know!!
The #Shirtgate shirt that caused the #Shirtstorm
The #Shirtgate shirt that caused the #Shirtstorm

The Funnies

Perhaps on an evolutionary scale, the only purpose of Social Justice Warriors is to inspire humour (and compost):

I guess the one on the right is empowered...
I guess the one on the right is empowered...

Santa Maria!  Look at that shirt!
Santa Maria!  Look at that shirt!

I didn't go into accounting because I didn't think women would find it sexy
I didn't go into accounting because I didn't think women would find it sexy

Even Confucius thinks SJWs are idiots
Even Confucius thinks SJWs are idiots

If I were Matt Taylor

   I would of come out and call out these trolls on their hypocrisy by wearing this shirt... 

Science.... Fuck Yeah!
Science.... Fuck Yeah!

 Links and Twits

 The 'amazingly talented' Arielle Duhaime-Ross

 Chris Plante

Their amazingly dumb-ass article

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