Thursday, 30 October 2014

Top 20 Feminist Halloween Traditions #FeministHalloweenTraditions

Top 20 Feminist Halloween Traditions #FeministHalloweenTraditions

Meet Jackie-O-Lantern
Meet Jackie-O-Lantern

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Hello, this is Canadian MGTOW.  Having fun! and not giving a shit!

Today I present to you, 20 Feminist Halloween Traditions. Each one is suitable for tweeting

1. Boycotting labels that say "girls Halloween costume" and "boys Halloween costume" because that's "oppressive".

2. Lecturing little girls in princess costumes for succumbing to the cis-gender, heteronormative  Patriarchal role.

3. Not calling treats candy because it might offend women named Candy.

4. Supporting Jack-O-Lanterns' right to become Jackie-O-Lanterns.

5. Only giving candy to fat girls, to promote body positivity.

6. Instead of saying trick or treat, little girls should drop the f-bomb for feminism.

7. Not handing out candy to boys because of ... Patriarchy.

8. Giving out handfuls of contraceptives to toddlers.

9. Shooting young black kids, because they missed killing them in the womb.

10. Handing out abortions like they was candy.

11. No redskin or Indian costume but feel free to wear a giant vagina or better yet, wear nothing at all.

12. Asking for affirmative consent before you give someone candy.

13. Dressing as Gloria Steinem.

14. Giving out feminism pamphlets instead of candy.

15. Promote equality by giving out unequal amounts of candy.

16.  Opening the door and saying "Check your privilege" instead of "Trick or Treat."

17. Not giving candy to any boys because they are all potential rapists.

18. Refusing to give candy to anyone dressed like a soldier, because women are the true victims of war.

19. Throwing rocks at boys because boys are stupid.

20. Giving candy to boys only if they sign the He for She campaign pledge.

This concludes 20 Feminist Halloween Traditions.

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