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Custody Laws: How does feminism explain this one

Custody Laws: How does feminism explain this one

Since starting my official journey of MGTOW, I find myself exposed to issues that never impacted my life.  Being curious by nature, one YouTube video can lead to another, that leads to another, which leads to a website, and another website, and so on.  In the end you realize things are worse than you imagine, which in turn further solidifies my resolve as a MGTOW, with strong MRA sympathies.

Today, I watched a 'Mayor of MGTOW' video in which he covered the harm done to children by women who deny them access to their dads and siblings. The video at the end of his video featured a 9 year old girl who wasn't allowed to see her brother for the past 2 years, and only a few times before that.  She doesn't say a word, but gets her point across clearly with flashcards. She mentions in the video description that she didn't say anything "because I would have cried talking and no one would understand me."   It's a very touching video.

PLEASE share this video far and wide, and give it a thumbs up. Videos like this need to become viral to bring about real change to the family court system. 

Feminism is against shared custody

And feminists detest shared parenting because they believe the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. And they do not want to lose that power. They make claims that fathers only want shared parenting to avoid paying child support which is also a moot point since the father would be financially responsible for the child while he has the child. But on the other hand if shared parenting is allowed then women lose access to child support from the father. 

So really which parent is thinking about the kids and which is thinking about the money? 

 The fathers financial responsibility does not change with shared parenting it merely changes to whom the money goes to. 

On a BBC documentary shown in May 2009, Rosie Boycott (founder of the feminist magazine Spare Rib) admitted that she and other feminists had failed to think through the effect that feminism would have on children.  So what have they done to fix it?  That's right.... NOTHING.

And why is it that I never see government statistics like these in mainstream news?

Fact: Mothers more than twice as likely to abuse children as Fathers.
Fact: Mothers more than twice as likely to abuse children as Fathers.

  • 40.5% of all child abuse is committed solely by biological mothers
  • 17.7% of all child abuse is committed solely by biological fathers
  • 19.3% of child abuse is committed by both the mother and the father
  • 6.4% of child abuse is committed by the mother and some other individual
  • 1.0% of child abuse is committed by the father and some other individual
  • 11.9% is committed by someone other than the parents
  • 3.1% is committed by an unknown or missing perpetrator.
 Source: US Department of Health and Human Services Child Maltreatment Report 2001
  Just another case of the mainstream media doing a poor job, and another case of feminism hiding some unpleasant truths.

 I'm a feminist... Trust me!

Here's a gem from a group called NOMAS (National Organization for Men Against Sexism). They describe themselves as pro-feminist, gay-affirmative, anti-racist, enhancing men's lives.  Pro-feminist AND enhancing men's lives??  That's hillarious. A quick scan of their site reveals  typical feminist ideology, and numerous article titles about men and violence (never women and violence... oh, no!).

The first link I clicked on had an article called "Want To Be A Good Dad? Support Mom And Avoid Father’s Rights Groups"  This biased and repugnant article ends with this classic quote: "So dads, the message is clear. If you want your children to grow up to be happy and healthy adults, the best thing you can do for them is to make sure that their mother is comfortable, healthy, and happy. When primary caregiving moms thrive, children thrive. And happy children enjoy their fathers more."

 I think they left off the line "... if the mother allows you to see your kids."  And here you thought taking care of your spouse ended with divorce... silly guy! You are her indentured servant!  Hmm... come to think of it, it sounds pretty similar to that HeForShe campaign...

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