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84 Issues I have with Emma Watson's UN Speech

84 Issues I have with Emma Watson's UN Speech

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Ask not a woman can do for you, but what you can do for women.

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Hello, this is Canadian MGTOW.  Having fun! and not giving a shit!

And if it is one thing I don't give a shit about, it was the Emma Watson speech at the UN, where she launched the He-for-She campaign.  When it comes to her speech, I was listing off everything in it that I had issues with, and the list just kept getting longer and longer.  Some comments I read online struck a chord, and are included here as well. I have given attributions where possible.  So I present to you, 84 issues I have with Emma Watsons He-for-She campaign speech.  In no particular order.

#1.       If He-For-She is about gender equality, why is it not called We-For-We, or Us-for-Us?


#2.       She speaks to how feminism has become a bad word, but she doesn't address why many men and women are alienated from it. Do tell...


#3.       It has taken 40+ years to be "invited to the table." Why is that?


#4.       Why did it take 40+ years of feminist conferences to finally clue in that men only made a small portion of the audience?


#5.       Feminism promotes strong independent women that need no men; so why do you need us now!?


#6.       Why not simply rebrand yourself as humanists or egalitarians?  Is it because you would lose funding?


#7.       He-For-She seems to imply that HE needs to somehow save she; is this your cutesy way of perpetuating female victimhood?


#8.       Is He-For-She an appeal to bring back Chivalry? I thought feminists hated chivalry because it was sexist.   I guess He-for-She doesn't sound sexist?  Really?


#9.       He-For-She is a phrase that captures today's society; HIS servitude for HER wants. 


#10.     Where is the She-for-He campaign? Sounds like the one-way street feminism is known for, namely focussing on ONE gender in the name of equality.


#11.     No mention of men's rights... just some vague sound bite of "women's freedom will be good for you too."


#12.     Emma mentioned her father, but did not touch on the issue of Father's rights... Just that he wasn't appreciated as much by society.


#13.     No mention of men's issues and how they are often dismissed, or their advocates being labelled misogynist.




#15.     WHEN HAVE WOMEN EVER DONE ANYTHING FOR MEN? When has a man stood up at the UN and asked women to support men? Oh, right... never.


#16.     How can a woman genuinely understand what it is to be a man; especially in today's gynocentric world.  You are so blinded by your privilege, you can't see it.


#17.     Why does the UN entertain a feminist campaign, while there are 64 wars currently going on, and an Ebola epidemic that could spread in the near future and affect 1,000,000 people?


#18.     How is Emma's speech, that tows the liberal feminist party line, considered “game-changing”? 


#19.     Standard feminist logic: when men improve, women will naturally improve as well.  The idea that women might not naturally improve, is so foreign and incomprehensible to them.


#20.     Movements can be - and I think should be - defined by how they react to their extremists. So for instance, At a men's conference in Detroit they had to move venues, pay tens of thousands of dollars in extra security costs, and it was almost cancelled as a result of radical feminist bomb threats. I did not see any write-ups, any outrage or any condemnation of the threats from feminists.


#21.     You've invited men to the table, but what about the  agender and gender queer individuals? What about all those "in between" people that you talk of whenever you promote your idea that gender is a spectrum?


#22.     The speech was a very mainstream feminist speech. Egotistical.  self-serving.  Hey, listen up.   I'm telling YOU, how you, can help,  ME.


#23.     How can a feminist understand men, if they don't even understand the needs of other women.  What does it matter if African girls don't get a secondary education if they don't have enough to eat in the first place, or a war is waging on in their country?  You know, one of those 64 wars currently going on that the UN should be focussing on!


#24.     Amazing that the media got so fired up about this fairly standard statement of basic human rights in relation to women.  Put a man in the same setting talking about men's rights, and you will see which gender is privileged.


#25.     Watson ends her speech with a call to these "inadvertent" feminists (presumably, male) to step forward and ally with He-For-She. Which, translated, reads: you don't need to examine your reluctance to identify as feminist; you don't need to examine the stigmatization of the word (or what that stigmatization serves); you don't need to be intentional about your politics. Guess what? You can be an accidental feminist!  Sounds like you want just extra bodies, to get more votes, to enact even more sexist laws.


#26.     Emma and her supporters won't be happy until there is no longer a designation as male or female. One day a person can decide they are a male, the next day female, and the day after that both. I have no need for a unisex society.


#27.     What if we take up Joss Whedon's position that people should stop labelling THEMSELVES "-ists"... Nobody calls themselves a racist and pretends it's a benefit to their race, using the term "genderist" for anyone who wishes to separate or disparage one or the other sex holds far more power in peer pressure. 


#28.     Emma spoke (as a white privileged feminists) of her disappointment at being called bossy when she wanted to lead and direct plays when she was 8.  But for MILLIONS of other 8 year olds across the world, they face the prospect of being forced into child marriages, or going hungry so that the boys in the family can be fed, or carrying the burden of supporting and helping their mothers, and,  essentially never experiencing a childhood.   Oh, that poor little rich girl from Britain!

The rest of the 84 issues will be covered in part 2 and 3!

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