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MGTOW Perspective of The Fappening

MGTOW Perspective of The Fappening

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Canadian $100 bill - polymer - 2011.  Collect and win!


Hello, this is Canadian MGTOW.  Having fun! and not giving a shit!

On August 31, 2014,  over 100 nude pictures of actresses were leaked onto the internet for everyone to see.   Almost before I had seen some of these pictures on Reddit, the feminists were out in force with their butt hurt level set to devastated.  A few days later I came across a post by a angina who found a comment on Reddit so over the top that he took a screenshot of it and posted it online, saying boo-hoo how terrible it was.  This of course peaked my interest, and once I read it I realized it was because it spoke the truth from a MGTOW perspective. So why were the femi-nazis so butt devastated about the leaked nude pics?

Well, here is the answer given, and I quote...

Is it because the fig leaf has fallen only to reveal... something quite forgettable and boring?

I have the feeling that they are disappointed because all of the guys have been choking their chickens to pictures of those celebs, heavily photo shopped pictures, pictures which took a lot of makeup and a whole crew of professional photographers to find the most flattering poses imaginable... but now that we've finally seen them naked we just don't care a whole lot!

Honestly, if you had no idea who any of those women were and came across their pics online would you even give them a second glance?

I think that this is the reason for this huge outrage. Slightly saggy tits, shave burn, small fat rolls around their necks, asses that are kind of flat. They are no longer the women on the podium, the women which represent all others. They are just ordinary, boring... and... forgettable.

There's been a bunch of leaked photos before, Scarlet Johansson is a perfect example, and there was not even a peep. Why? When her photos leaked she just looked OK, just as we all expected, she wasn't disappointing to look at.

However now we have all of those sex-symbols to truly look at and we are told screeched at that this is (of course) rape and a hideous violation of their human rights.

I think that we just witnessed the price of pussy being dropped because of a blunder in advertising and those ungodly screeches are simply cries of protest, of anger that men have one less reason to think that the average woman hides a supermodel underneath her clothes.

End quote...

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