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Feminist Bingo Card !

Feminist Bingo Card !

Feminist Bingo Card (low resolution preview)
Feminist Bingo Card (low resolution preview)

Tired of trying to debate with feminists, or calling them on their bullshit, only to face the brick wall of their bankrupt ideology?  Well now you can make it fun!  When responded to with insults and attempts at shaming, this handy BINGO card adds entertainment while thickening your skin! Tired of being called ugly, well that's G3!  Accused of not being able to get laid?  That's I2 !   When you get bingo, simply comment "I GOT FEMINIST BINGO!"  For extra effect, scan or take a photo of your card and upload it too!

Get your card here

The picture above is just a preview image.  A ready to print, high-resolution copy can be printed at the following link to my shared Google Drive:

This BINGO card was inspired by a previous blog post in which I created an infographic of 16 Shaming Techniques that feminists like to use on any man that dare question their cult. You can see that post HERE


1) Find a social media site discussing anything to do with feminism. The best social media sites are often discussion groups in facebook, or live chat rooms, and Twitter if a fast game is what you are after.  For slower games pick controversial videos on YouTube, the comments section on any feminist blog site, and the comments section on news sites like CNN.  You could even sit in on a women's studies lecture at your local university, or feminist group meeting!  Imagine standing up midway through a talk and yelling "Feminist BINGO!"

2)  Choose the type of BINGO game you will play:
a) Regular BINGO: Match 5 squares in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally.  The middle square is a freespace provided by the patriarchy.
b) Blackout BINGO: The pattern of matches must cover the whole card; all 25 squares.
c) Hardway Line:  Bingo in a straight line without the use of the free space.
d) T-Line: Bingo in a straight line on both the top horizontal line, and all the squares in the middle vertical column.

3) Join the discussion of the social media site you've chosen.  If the comments have died down a bit, spur some action with comments like:
  • Feminism is the idea that we can make both sexes equal by focusing solely on the issues of one of them."  
  • Men, ask your woman:  what do you value about who I am rather than what I do??
  • Society does not care about men, why should we care if women are frustrated?
  • Where have all the good women gone?
  •  Who the EPH made women the arbiters of what is right and wrong for adult males?
  • This "adolescent male" phenomena isn't men failing, it's men saying "EPH YOU, ladies!
  • Feminist policy goals are to make someone else, a man, the government, society, anybody, responsible for their discontent and desired lifestyle level.
  • Feminists are such spoiled little children who have long ago lost all appreciation of others.
  • How ironic the feminists call the men who rightfully avoid them as Narcissists.
  • I would rather be a MAN, single and fulfilled through achievement and goals, than an enslaved lemming that caters to your whim.
  • Your gender has acquired so many protections in America that today you are downright dangerous to men, period.

4) When you get BINGO, stand up and yell "I got feminist BINGO!", even if you are just online... it just feels good.  Enter the comment "I got feminist BINGO!" and the link to educate those who are unaware of the game. 

If you have a scanner, camera, or a cell phone, take a picture of your card and attach it to your comment.  If the site you are on does not allow for attaching pictures, upload your image to a photo sharing site like and it will generate a link that you can share.

5)  Optional:  Record the amount of time it took you to get BINGO, then see if you can break that record!


Feel free to provide me with feedback on this BINGO card.  If you get a BINGO, I'd love it if you could leave a link to a photo of your card in the comments section below.

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