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Feminist Meme: illoGicAL FEMinISts

Feminist Meme: illoGicAL FEMinISts

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

20 Ways Being MGTOW UN-Poisons Your Happiness

Bitches be poison!
Bitches be poison!

20 Ways Being MGTOW UN-Poisons Your Happiness

Warning: If you are a woman, you will be butthurt reading this.

We have all, at one point or another, poisoned our own happiness, whether it be through worry about a relationship, fear of your partner's mental state, poor mate selection, or just poor decision making. Life can suck but the real culprit is how we perceive and respond to the adversity. Sometimes it is simply a matter of a women's wrong motives in life that can lead us down the venomous path, rather than the path that leads to the antidote.  I took an article that had these 20 generic items that poison a person's happiness, and reworded it from a MGTOW perspective. None of the tips became invalid because of MGTOW. These tips simply agreed with or enforced MGTOW.

1. Your jealousy can ruin any relationship.
When you are MGTOW you simply don't need to deal with jealous women.  Women who exude jealousy to the point that it ruins relationships, are simply let go.  If you are a MGTOW that doesn't entertain even the thought of a relationship with a woman, then jealousy is mostly a non-factor.  Save your jealousy for what others have accomplished instead, and use that as fuel to drive your motivation.

2. Your desire for superficial things in life can poison happiness.
If you are married (or living common-law) realize that pursuing the superficial things of life: wealth, cars, name brand clothes, a bigger house, etc, is what is poisoning your happiness. Go back to when you were 16.  Did you EVER daydream about granite countertops, a minivan, or a house close to schools? Probably not, so why now? Countless men have bought fancy cars, name brand clothes, and other possessions simply to impress a woman, or keep a wife. Why buy a chick-magnet car with its higher cost and higher insurance, when you could instead put that extra cost into something more worthwhile like retiring years earlier! Living a life of modesty will bring you more happiness in the long run. 

3. Your grudge-holding will destroy your happiness.
A great way to form a grudge is going through a divorce.  Avoiding marriage takes away the potential for a bitter life-long grudge.  Divorce is NOT as final as one may think it is.  When children are involved, chances are good you will be seeing your ex at least until the kids become old enough to visit their parents on their own.  If alimony is part of the equation, you will at the very least be thinking of that 'woman' as you write the cheque.  With a girlfriend, when the relationship is done... it is DONE (unless you were dumb enough to live with her for 2 years or more when it comes to Canadian Law). Happiness comes from moving on with your life and letting go of grudges that would hold you back. If you hold a grudge against a friend (or ex-friend) realize that the best revenge is your own success!

4. Your regrets in life will destroy your peace.
Your life most certainly can be filled with regrets.  If you are divorced, you can literally go crazy with regrets.   Move on!  Mistakes are only there to show you that a certain path has ended and so it is time to try another... a MGTOW path.  Getting married a 2nd time is a path that fails approximately 73% of the time! Go your own way and try another road. You will most certainly be happier for it. If you were never married, enjoy the 'regret' of still owning everything you've accumulated and of course being free!

5. Your dependence on others will hinder happiness.
If you are dependent on another person for your happiness, you will undoubtedly be waiting, waiting, and waiting. Happiness will never come to you from another person, it can only come from within yourself!  When you are in a relationship, your woman cannot be trusted for your own happiness, because eventually she will let you down, or worse yet, kick you to the curb. Looking within is the only way to true joy. Avoiding marriage will ensure that it is not you that are the victim of HER trusting you with HER happiness, only to be disappointed by HER perception of you letting her down.  A simple event like going out with a friend after you are married could expose her dependence on you for her happiness.

6. Your need to fix other people will ruin your happiness.
If you feel the need to “fix” others, then you are distracted and will never focus on your own well-being and happiness. When your focus shifts away from your happiness, you will always find something that needs to be fixed in others because after all no one is perfect. Focus on self-actualization for long-term happiness.  The only person you can control is you.  Unfortunately we've all heard the cliche story of a woman wanting to change her man.   Don't be that man.

7. Your fear can hold a person back from experiencing true happiness.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.”  I would personally change the phrase  “A wife's fear defeats more husbands than any other one thing in the world.”  Women in general are more risk-averse than men.  How many men do you know that had an idea for a business, or investment, but couldn't go through with it "because of the wife"?  Listen to other people's concerns, but focus on the logic of their arguments, not the emotion.

8. Selfishness is a poison to your happiness.
On the off chance that you are a childish individual, it implies you generally need things your way and others'  needs are regularly overlooked.   Everybody knows this inherently.  But before you swallow society's myth that women are selfless creatures, a recent study in Britain found that women are more selfish than men!  The study found that they were almost twice as likely to keep money someone dropped on the ground, and not help work colleagues as much as they should.  Got a selfish woman in your life?  Dump her.

9. Your happiness will wane when you set unreasonably high expectations of others.
Your requirement for everybody to meet your benchmarks in life is an absurd desire that most individuals will never have the capacity to achieve. You will be disillusioned in individuals and hence despondent in life. When you relinquish the desire of others to perform to your principles, you will observe that they, and in addition yourself, will be considerably more elated. A free individual (MGTOW) is a joyful individual.

10. Your self-righteous attitude will halt your happiness.
If you are a  pompous individual it implies that you feel you can do no wrong, and that other individuals are constantly in the wrong, you will be unhappy.  As a kid I always felt this type of attitude amongst church people, so at a relatively young age I "went my own way" as far as religion was concerned.  It is impossible to be perfect all of the time, so why bother trying to be perfect for the imaginary man in the sky, society, or the woman in your bed.  Being perfect is exhausting;  you will be a much more relaxed individual if you stop trying.

11. Your living in the past will hinder happiness.
If you are living in the past, it means that you are unhappy with the present. Your happiness is a current state of mind and if your life is not making you happy, it could be time to re-examine and make changes for the better. Finishing a project, a new career, or cutting ties with a toxic friend,  could help you feel that you are living in the “now.” 

12. Your dishonesty can dampen happiness.
If you are a dishonest person, chances are you have alienated yourself from others. Untrustworthy individuals pick up the notoriety for being somebody who can't be believed; they are seen as an unfaithful companion and/or partner. Your deceptive nature will surely lead to unhappiness and isolation. If you are a MGTOW that keeps relationships with women on a strictly professional basis (i.e. no sex), you're bypassing  'the mating game' which is chock full of white lies, and its numerous opportunities for lies (both given and received). 

13. Your substance use alters states of happiness.
Altered states of "joy" will be fleeting and once the high wears off, your sentiments of unhappiness will STILL be there. I personally use chocolate and caffeine as means of escape,  but that  euphoria is very short-lived, and just makes me fat.  As the character Fat Bastard says," I eat because I am sad, and I am sad because I eat."  Find healthier alternatives.

14. Your pessimism leads to perpetual moods of unhappiness.
Your pessimistic words and thoughts have power and if you constantly use them it will appear as if unhappiness is  following you around like a dog that won’t go away. Be aware of your negativity and work to change your thoughts and words for the better. Read, exercise, take up a hobby, whatever you need to feel better about yourself is worth a try. That's the MGTOW way.

15. Your prejudice of other people can make you unhappy with yourself.
A prejudiced person is often an unhappy person, spewing their unhappiness onto a “scapegoat” group of people (Hmmm... reminds me of feminism).   Everyone has prejudices, so take stock in yourself and stand up to these issues head on; you will be happy you did.  When you unleash your fury on someone, ask yourself if it is just to make yourself feel better, or are you  honestly calling someone on their bullshit?

16. Your self-doubt can lead to feelings of unhappiness.
A doubter toward oneself may participate in negative talk toward oneself which prompts deeper and deeper sentiments of misery.  It's an endless loop that needs to be tended to with a  close friend or counselor. But ask the joke goes, make sure your misery or doubts, are not in fact because you are surrounded by assholes. If you do have self-doubt, look for a positive outlet like volunteering your time , which in turn can boost your self-worth as well, and take your mind off yourself for a change.  Also look at what is causing your self doubt.  In the case of online dating, I had many self doubts until I did some research and found out that getting a paltry 5% response rate to the message you send out is considered GOOD.  In the end I refused to play the game anymore and feel happier because of this and also things learned through MGTOW.

17. Your unhappiness can stem from unchecked mental health.
Engaging in our gyno-centric society on a daily basis is enough to send anyone into states of anxiety and depression.  When in doubt whether you are just unhappy due to circumstance, or truly depressed, seek professional help.  There are also numerous online tests for depression and anxiety which can help steer you toward a decision.

18. Your pet can help ward off happiness poisons.
They say pets are a wonderful way to boost your happiness. If you don't want a pet, think about volunteering at a place with animals or some other places you can interact with pets. It has been found that when petting an animal, a person’s mood automatically lifts.  I heard this also applies to petting a Penthouse Pet...

19. Your ability to volunteer your time to the needy can help you become happier.
Sometimes seeing those less fortunate than yourself helps put things in perspective.  Cure the unhappiness in your life by giving your time to those in need. Volunteer for a charity or a cause that benefits MEN.  Funding for prostate cancer is very underfunded compared to breast cancer, but kills as many (if not more).

20. Your stress can prevent happiness in your life.
Emotional well-being is impacted by stress.  Take stock of your life and dispose of the unnecessary.   Try living a life of simplicity. It might be the one thing that prevents stress and improve your happiness.  I know personally the feeling of owning a small home free-and-clear was a much better feeling than a larger house with a mortgage.  Once I am done paying child support, I can see myself moving to a job that pays less but has much less stress! I also prefer living by myself than with a woman;  I can pretty much do what I want when I want;  eat what I want when I want;  even dress in what I want when I want.  Heck,  if I had an online business, I might not dress at all !

I hope you find these insights to be of use in your MGTOW life.

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Feminist Bingo Card !

Feminist Bingo Card !

Feminist Bingo Card (low resolution preview)
Feminist Bingo Card (low resolution preview)

Tired of trying to debate with feminists, or calling them on their bullshit, only to face the brick wall of their bankrupt ideology?  Well now you can make it fun!  When responded to with insults and attempts at shaming, this handy BINGO card adds entertainment while thickening your skin! Tired of being called ugly, well that's G3!  Accused of not being able to get laid?  That's I2 !   When you get bingo, simply comment "I GOT FEMINIST BINGO!"  For extra effect, scan or take a photo of your card and upload it too!

Get your card here

The picture above is just a preview image.  A ready to print, high-resolution copy can be printed at the following link to my shared Google Drive:

This BINGO card was inspired by a previous blog post in which I created an infographic of 16 Shaming Techniques that feminists like to use on any man that dare question their cult. You can see that post HERE


1) Find a social media site discussing anything to do with feminism. The best social media sites are often discussion groups in facebook, or live chat rooms, and Twitter if a fast game is what you are after.  For slower games pick controversial videos on YouTube, the comments section on any feminist blog site, and the comments section on news sites like CNN.  You could even sit in on a women's studies lecture at your local university, or feminist group meeting!  Imagine standing up midway through a talk and yelling "Feminist BINGO!"

2)  Choose the type of BINGO game you will play:
a) Regular BINGO: Match 5 squares in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally.  The middle square is a freespace provided by the patriarchy.
b) Blackout BINGO: The pattern of matches must cover the whole card; all 25 squares.
c) Hardway Line:  Bingo in a straight line without the use of the free space.
d) T-Line: Bingo in a straight line on both the top horizontal line, and all the squares in the middle vertical column.

3) Join the discussion of the social media site you've chosen.  If the comments have died down a bit, spur some action with comments like:
  • Feminism is the idea that we can make both sexes equal by focusing solely on the issues of one of them."  
  • Men, ask your woman:  what do you value about who I am rather than what I do??
  • Society does not care about men, why should we care if women are frustrated?
  • Where have all the good women gone?
  •  Who the EPH made women the arbiters of what is right and wrong for adult males?
  • This "adolescent male" phenomena isn't men failing, it's men saying "EPH YOU, ladies!
  • Feminist policy goals are to make someone else, a man, the government, society, anybody, responsible for their discontent and desired lifestyle level.
  • Feminists are such spoiled little children who have long ago lost all appreciation of others.
  • How ironic the feminists call the men who rightfully avoid them as Narcissists.
  • I would rather be a MAN, single and fulfilled through achievement and goals, than an enslaved lemming that caters to your whim.
  • Your gender has acquired so many protections in America that today you are downright dangerous to men, period.

4) When you get BINGO, stand up and yell "I got feminist BINGO!", even if you are just online... it just feels good.  Enter the comment "I got feminist BINGO!" and the link to educate those who are unaware of the game. 

If you have a scanner, camera, or a cell phone, take a picture of your card and attach it to your comment.  If the site you are on does not allow for attaching pictures, upload your image to a photo sharing site like and it will generate a link that you can share.

5)  Optional:  Record the amount of time it took you to get BINGO, then see if you can break that record!


Feel free to provide me with feedback on this BINGO card.  If you get a BINGO, I'd love it if you could leave a link to a photo of your card in the comments section below.

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Feminist Meme : Kids and Education

Feminist Meme : Kids and Education

The Canadian MGTOW
MGTOW Journey Day #145

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Oil and Water: Feminists and Due Process

Oil and Water: Feminists and Due Process

Innocent before proven guilty.  Not a hard concept. When hearing stories from immigrants who have come to Canada to flee a corrupt or brutal country, one of the first things they say is how in their country you are considered guilty and it is up to YOU to prove that you are innocent.

I came across an article about a new group called Mothers for Due Process.  The article starts out with a story which I have seen in increasing occurrence.

In January 2010, University of North Dakota student Caleb Warner was accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student. Using a preponderance-of-the-evidence standard, a UND tribunal found Warner guilty of sexual misconduct and swiftly expelled him. Yet the police, presented with the same evidence, never arrested or charged Mr. Warner. After a three-month investigation, they charged Warner’s accuser with filing a false report and issued a warrant for her arrest. Despite these developments, UND repeatedly refused to rescind Warner’s expulsion.

The article continues on interviewing the co-founder on their objectives, and was a very even-handed interview. No hidden agendas. No bullshit.  And a few lines that are impactful:

When the person who makes the accusation is provided with unlimited support and virtually guaranteed a win in a campus hearing, innocent people will be found guilty.

As with most articles, the reader comments section is often a good read of extra points the article may of missed, and in some cases people calling out the article writer on their bullshit.  So with that in mind I was FULLY EXPECTING to read at least one remark from a feminist downplaying false-rape accusations, or supporting campus tribunals and Washington's assault on campus due process.

I was shocked. 16 comments. All of them level headed!  Here are all 16 comments, and you be the judge (with due process of course):


·         Fraga123  2 days ago
Feminists have successfully pushed for and implemented due process-free civil procedures in family court for years.
Time for them to destroy men's lives in yet another venue.
After all, if you promote insanely inaccurate statistics, you then need to generate more violators to back up your figures.....

How sadly ironic -- and dangerous -- that institutions of higher education are teaching young citizens to be ignorant of the essential civil liberty of due process.

Universities shouldn't be having "tribunals" on anything besides academic misconduct. Rape is a crime, and should be reported to the police for investigation. And the accused assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The problem is that so much of university administrative staff is populated by virulent feminist extremists who despise men. Until these harridans are removed and replaced by sane people, this kind of thing is going to persist.

Note to men on campus: Date townies.

This is just a waypoint on the route to sharia.

As I have stated in other forums, the big problem is that on many college campuses the definition of 'sexual assault' is overly broad and vague. Something as simple as "Hey, do you wanna go out with me?" or some otherwise benign action or word that makes a woman on campus feel uncomfortable has been considered sexual assault on some campuses. How the heck does anyone defend against that? Those kind of actions wouldn't be considered sexual assault in the real world, so why on campus? Unless the definition of sexual assault are well defined (meaning not absurd or politically correct....which is really the same thing) and understood that they apply to both men and women, then any reforms or changes are meaningless.

If there is a rape at the shopping mall, is it reported to the mall cops and adjudicated by the "You Are Here" kiosk? It should be illegal for colleges to operate a parallel (and unqualified) "justice" system.

I don't think it should be illegal, but they should be sued for the balance of their endowment fund.

All accusations should be referred to local law enforcement. 
If there is some need to separate accuser and accused, excuse the accused without prejudice for the semester and refund the semester's tuition.

Sounds like UND has left itself open to a substantial lawsuit. Especially once they refused to re-examine the case after the police arrested his accuser for filing a false report.
Allowing him back in after a year and a half does little to undo the damage they have done to him and his career.

"As an American I can be firmly on the side of taking steps to stop sexual assault while at the same time seeking solutions that do not imperil the future of an innocent person."
Exactly. Ask a statistican / scientist about Type I and Type II errors, or ask a business person what happens to waste they don't measure.
What law makers need to understand is that by not creating bills that seek to balance stopping sexual assault with protecting against false claims they will be actively encouraging an increase in the rate of false claims.
As others have asked, are there sponsoring legislators with sons in high school or college?

I don't understand this entire focus on sexual assault on college campuses. Why is there such a push to create an additional investigations and routes of "justice" within colleges? Why not rely on the same system everyone else has- police investigators, prosecutors, courts, etc?

I think it's because these girls want to think of themselves as princesses at court, who deserve to be protected by their own personal palace guards. How the girls get like that is beyond me.

Why the focus?
1. College authorities are almost all liberal, progressive, etc..
2. Liberals act not from reason or logic but from feelings, emotions.
3. Liberals have labelled certain demographics as victims
4. Liberals feel good about "helping" victims.
5. All demographics except mature Caucasian men have been designated as victims.
6. Liberals feel good about protecting and/or giving gifts to victim groups.
7. Liberals live to have power over others.
8. Liberals feel good about protecting women.
9..Can you say Kangaroo Court??

Seems to me these universities are opening themselves up to lawsuits. Punishing someone who is eventually found not guilty of rape or assault will no doubt result in multi million dollar law suits. Duke university settled ~10 different lawsuit against them. No terms were disclosed but I am left with the impression that it cost Duke a lot of money.

Tide Turning?

Perhaps a small experience like this is a signal that the pendulum will be swinging back to the rational. Maybe when enough mothers out there see the effects of feminist policies on their sons, these kangaroo courts will be eliminated.  I say mothers because there are many examples of men's voices being stifled by feminists and their supporters.  Men's rights group can't even meet in public without feminist protesting (e.g. Ryerson University).  MRAs have been on twitter criticizing feminists for years, but only recently have mainstream media picked up on this because WOMEN are now doing the same with the hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism.  Would a book called "Marriage Strike" get any airplay on mainstream 'breakfast television' if the author was not a female?

Don't get me started on 'breakfast television'.  That is a vapid scourge that needs to be removed from the earth.
Breakfast Television discussing men
Breakfast Television discussing men