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5 Simple Ways Men Can Better Respect Women - Dissected

5 Simple Ways Men Can Better Respect Women - Dissected

Today I happened to come across a website  called
It did not take long to see bigotry towards men (particularly whites), Christians, straight-people, and those nasty cis-gendered people that make up 97% of the population.  They have their checklist out and if you aren't oppressed enough, then you MUST be privileged and always ordering a side order of oppressing with every meal.  But luckily for you they have many articles on how you can be a BETTER man.

5 Simple Ways Men Can Better Respect Women

This WONDERFUL article was written by Melissa A. Fabello, in short, is a sex educator with a specialty in body image, as well as a fierce feminist activist. In 2010, she founded the lesbian feminist website and community ToughxCookies, and enjoyed three years as Editor and chief contributing writer to the blog.   Call me jaded but she  just might not be in tune with the needs and wants of men... but I digress. The authors quotes are in bold text, since I couldn't find a propaganda font.

Right at the top of the article she starts off saying "feminists really want to get dudes on board." but quickly followed by some shaming language.  “Come on, guys,” we’re collectively calling. “It’s time to get your shit together.”  Does this woman with a Masters in Education see the irony here?  Perhaps I'll write an article that goes like this: "Hey feminists, the Men's rights movement wants to get you on board to fight for issues that affect us both.  So please make some sandwiches for our next meeting and come join us!"

1. Stop Mansplaining


She defines it as It’s when men explain things to women, especially in regards to women’s own expertise or lived experiences. Well if it is one thing I have learned from lived experience, it is that anyone that calls themselves an expert... typically IS NOT.   Ask yourself how many times you have encountered someone who claimed to be an expert, but was easily de-bunked in a debate, or found out to be a complete fraud!  Everyone has probably heard of John Gray who wrote all those "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" books.  Right on the cover is the prominent credential of PHD.  That PHD it turns out was  an unaccredited PhD degree  from Columbia Pacific University (CPU), a now-defunct university located in San Rafael, California upon completion of a correspondence course. 

Personally, some of the stupidest people I have known had University degrees. An ex-sister-in-law who could not watch any movie without asking the dumbest questions every 5 minutes, and an ex-friend with a masters degree who had several pregnancy scares with several women because he was convinced he could always "pull out in time".

She goes on to explain, with politically correct pride, how she was conversing with her Latina feminist friends about the wage gap. Then a male friend had the audacity to add his 2 cents and how his professor (who taught finance) said that the wage gap was blown out of proportion according to several studies.  But wait, are you saying female expert trumps a male expert?  Or just when that male expert doesn't agree with your view?

She goes on to complain (feminists ARE experts in this) that she's labeled at bitchy and irrational when she asserts that she does know what she is talking about.  Maybe so, but my experience has been automatic name-calling and shaming tactics.  They will NEVER ask to see a study you are referring to, discount it automatically if it is written by a man, and deflect it.

How come there is no word like Femsplaining?  Or is that sexist?
Calling it "Mansplaining" only perpetuates disrespectful gender interactions.  And THAT is sexist.

2. Stop Using Diminutives


"I was giving a workshop on teen dating violence and sexual harassment to a group of teachers, and as I was leaving, one of the few men in the room reached out to shake my hand.

“It was a pleasure,” I told him, remembering – as I always do, but especially with men – to keep my handshake firm.

“Thanks so much, hun,” he said.

“Hun?” I was near-stunned."

QUICK!  Someone get out the fainting couch!  Sensitivity training for this brutish man, stat!!  She doesn't even acknowledge that women do this too!   I personally LIKE it!  Why are feminists like this so quick  to play the victim in stupid situations?  She goes on to say that her own father does it but that it's okay because he's 62.  So what is the cutoff? 60?  55?  The woman's age multiplied by Pi?

"In short: If I’m not your pet (which, you know, I’m not), don’t use a pet name to refer to me."

Funny, I don't recall anyone calling their dog or cat Hun.  I've experienced being called 'hun' a few times, and it is usually from someone who is Scottish.  For a movement that spouts how they love women of color, they certainly don't seem to respect the cultures they come from, particularly the white ones.  Feminists love banning words like Bossy.  Can hun be far behind?  Can behind be far behind?  Once you control language, you control thought.  Do we really want a world full of thought police?

I would simply say if someone uses a diminutive you and you feel uncomfortable, say something. If they don't change, probably not someone you want to be hanging out with.  And, more importantly, do not go out to Daddy Government and demand some law to change human behavior.

PS:  My rights do not end where your butt-hurt feelings start.

3. Stop Asking for Education


"I’m a lifelong learner, and I appreciate others who are, too.  And when you ask me to spend my precious time giving you a 101 on a 101, you’re exercising your male entitlement. Like whoa."

I've always held that it is OK for anyone to ask for education, to try to learn. Did it ever occur to her that their question might not be a request for a 'class 101' but her opinion?  And how is it male entitlement to ask a question?  Isn't this also a perfect opportunity to indoctrinate another sucker into your feminist ideology?  Or is it simply that  your job title of educator demands that you get paid for any educating you do outside of work hours?  Is it the teacher-union mentality, or have you spent too much time around sexual-harassment lawyers?

But I personally did learn something from this section of the article.  A woman's time is apparently as valuable as her vagina.  I can already see the next article title: "Time Rape:  Men asking questions."

4. Stop Staying Silent


She goes on to complain how "until recently" she had a male partner (thanks for the clarification) who would complain how his male co-worker would ask him what he thought of the new girl that was hired and if he would "hit that".   She goes on to say how this conversation, between two men, constitutes workplace sexual harassment. " Now this guy is going around thinking that that’s just how men talk to one another "   Uhm, newsflash hun.  We DO!  Another newsflash, WOMEN do too!  When I was in my 20s,  I overheard a group of women talking about their boyfriends.  It was quite explicit!  Everything from penis length to the staying power of their guy.

" But here’s the thing: If your friend says something screwed up, say something."    This is exactly why feminists want dudes on board. They need men to be confrontational and do their dirty work.  It's not enough that mainstream media and politicians are indoctrinating people into feminist beliefs.  They need enforcers and spies at the lowest levels of society too.  Hmmm.... thought police.  1984.

5. Stop Trying to Prove How ‘Not Like That’ You Are


"I dedicate this one especially – especially – to the Already Self-Identified Feminist Guys out there. Because this is something that I see y’all doing more often than other men. I’m talking about the one straight white cis guy who comes to my birthday party, sitting amid people with intersecting marginalized identities who keeps reminding us that he knows that he’s a straight white cis guy sitting amid people with intersecting marginalized identities – that he knows his place, that he understands oppressive structures, that he can (haha!) joke about what those other straight white cis guys do and say that are so offensive – uhh, effectively dominating the conversation."

So even when you're a feminist guy, your attacked by the very people you are supporting!  There really is no pleasing women is there.  And how dare you dominate the conversation! Just sit in the corner, and keep quiet while we women do the talking.   

And STOP calling me a cis guy.  For those unaware of this new word: 

Short for "cisgender" (opposite of "transgender"), used to describe someone whose gender identity matches their anatomical gender at birth.

Well, when 97% of the population is 'cisgender', I prefer to use the term used for the last few thousand years... NORMAL.

"...a few easy, small things you can do to show more respect to a group that you hold social power over, then do them."

Wow!  I hold social power over women!  Who knew?  Every day I get up, go to work, go back home, make something to eat, spend time on hobbies, then go to bed.  But where exactly is my power?  Is it my penis?  No, that's too narcissistic.  Is it the taxes I pay?  Probably.  My taxes do after all fund Canada's National Council of Women.  If I truly had any power, wouldn't there be a National Council of men?

I'll end this with a Google search that is somewhat telling regarding how much men are respected in today's screwed up society.  I simply googled "ways women can better respect men".  This would catch any article that started with a number, or phrase like "Top #".  The results of the first page of results (the most relevant and most popular links) were as follows in order:

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