Wednesday, 4 June 2014

MGTOW Humor: Man Card

MGTOW Humor: Man Card 

When I saw this old Chinese propaganda poster, I immediately thought of all those men that describe themselves as feminists. If they were in power, you'd probably see posters like this. Other than being misguided in following the cultural Marxism and political correctness spawned by feminists, they should realize that they will never be fully accepted as one of them (unless they amputate their penis, and maybe not even then). 

Manginas need not apply

A quick Google search and I found several articles by feminists with titles like "should men call themselves feminists?" and "IT PISSES ME OFF WHEN MEN CALL THEMSELVES FEMINISTS". Gee, that sounds welcoming! Talk about showing your true man-hating colors. At any rate, both groups will probably be knocking at my door to use the poster below.

Feel free to pass this around and use it in your own blogs.

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