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Boycott CBC Radio

Boycott CBC Radio

I work hard.  I'm a nice guy.  I live by the golden rule. I pay my taxes. Every morning I wake up to my clock radio which is on CBC radio because I cannot stand most morning radio programs.  Typical brain-dead-gender-nuetral DJs with their personalities removed, light and fluffy talk about unimportant matters, followed by 1 of the 10 songs in their collection that they insist on playing to death. I listen to CBC radio mostly for the new, and depending how slowly I get up I sometimes catch the current affairs program, and today they tackled 'Mansplaining'.  I shouldn't say tackled.  More like promoted.

Oh look, an activist

The guest was activist Rebecca Solnit, plugging her book at the same time.  She talked about what she's identified as insidious condescension in the way some men engage in conversation with women. And while it can be annoying to these fragile women, the author argues the misogyny behind it can also have SINISTER consequences.  Cue the music of dread, and get your male whips out ladies!

She states "There's a kind of assumption that they're in charge, that they're the boss, that they know that we're ignorant... It's a slippery slope, and it's part of the larger landscape of misogyny that I think it signifies." 

 Condescending today - Murder tomorrow

Anyhow she continues to say how the consequences can play out like the deadly shooting spree in California where the killer's deep hatred of women lead him to kill 2 women.  I already wrote about this in my previous post Feminists blame mra misogyny for Elliot Rodger  To my dismay, the interviewer Anna Maria Tremonti did not ask any probing questions at all; she simply approved everything the author was stating.   Now I don't have a journalism degree, but I can tell you I would of done a better job! 

A REAL interview

Here's some questions for Rebecca Solnit:

You mention how mansplaining is part of misogyny, and offer Elliot Rodger's shooting spree as one of the consequences... Are you aware that 4 of the 6 victims were men?

Are you insinuating that Elliot Rodger murdered people because of misogyny and dismiss the role of mental illness?

Are you aware that Elliot Rodger was not a MRA (Men's rights activist), and that it was websites for pick up artists that he was visiting? 

Has anyone coined the phrase Femsplaining, or Womansplaining?  If not, why not?  Would you as a woman be offended by such a term?  Do you feel men might be offended by the term mansplaining?

In your quote "There's a kind of assumption that they're in charge, that they're the boss, that they know that we're ignorant"  Do you feel this situation never happens to men?  Are some of these situations in the workplace where a boss is training or instructing  an employee in how to do a specific task?


One of the tweets ( ) was from a female listener who tweeted A real and true issue that our society faces.  If something like getting butthurt because someone of the opposite gender talks to you in a condescending manner is a 'real issue', I would suggest the bigger issue is the ultra-hypersensitivity of people in general.  You have to wonder if some of these issues are created on purpose by the government to distract the general public for much larger issues.  Federal debt levels, high unemployment among Millennials, huge pension plan shortfalls, 1 in 68 boys now being diagnosed with autism, cancer rates that affect 1 in 2.4 people... to name just a few. Sadly I don't think the government is actually smart enough to carry something like this out.  A more plausible explanation is that approximately 95 percent of the population scores an IQ between 70 and 130, so there are a lot of people with an IQ under 100.

A male by the name of Gavin, said it best:  Someone stating their opinion on something authoritatively or condescendingly is not gender-specific.

Can anyone out there explain to me how is it possible that any reasonable, rational person would not recognize the term "mansplaining" as blatantly sexist? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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