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Feminists blame MRA & Misogyny for Elliot Rodger's shooting spree

Feminists are so misguided

I wasn't planning to write a blog post today, but my blood boiled reading the recent articles by feminists blaming the Elliot Rodger's shooting spree on MRAs and their go-to excuse of mysogyny.  My head spins how irrational and illogical these feminists are.

  1. It was not just a shooting spree. Three of the victims were stabbed with a knife
  2. I've yet to come across a single MRA article that condones violence of any kind.
  3. The media, which is heavily biased towards all things feminist, continue to focus of the female victims.  FOUR of the SIX people killed were MEN.
  4. Feminists are using this horrible tragedy to push their own agenda. Especially when it just happened and we don't have all the facts. 
  5. As a side note:  some are even blaming Asperger's syndrome in part.   A quick web search will show that " psychologists and psychiatrists agree that people with autism or Asperger’s are not more likely to commit violent crimes than members of the general population".
  6. Elliot's fantasies included killing both men and women.
  7. There are all sorts of mental health resources and screening for new mothers who suffer post partum depression, but when it comes to men with mental issues I personally don't see much other than maybe 10 free visits with a counsellor IF your employee benefits cover it.  The majority of homeless people have some mental illness; and over 90% of homeless people are MEN.
  8. Absolutely no mention of his mother.  Did she withhold her motherly love? At any rate, even if the mother had some part in raising a mysogynist, the feminists would be quick to blame the father.  Afterall, it is ALWAYS the man's fault. His dad was white and well off and male, so the feminists have their perfect trifecta.   
  9. PUAs and MRAs have nothing in common! One group wants to pick up women for sex, the other group wants to fair custodial rights to see their own children. 
  10. Why is it I have not seen a single picture of one of the male victims, but I have seen pictures of one of the female victims several times?

Best MGTOW comment I've seen recently

Consumer culture is the insanity of a culture being obsessed with status, materialism and money but knowing now what mostly drives it (women's nature and the simps that will do almost anything to get some snatch) the picture is clear and it all makes sense. I truly believe MGTOW is a group of men that is ahead of the curve leading towards true growth for humanity and being more than just an animal. A time in history for true eMANcipation for men.

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Update: just saw this on Chapin's Inferno:  Someone compiled a list of serial killers going back to 1860, and found that the number of non-white serial killers is greater or equal to the number of white serial killers.  I very much doubt you will hear this statistic on mainstream media; they'll just keep propagating the lie that ALL serial killers are white.  Not to mention that Elliot was only half white.
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