Monday, 21 April 2014

MGTOW bringing Christians and Atheists together!

MGTOW bringing Christians and Atheists together!

 I consider myself Atheist, but found this religious guy on YouTube very watchable. He goes by the name of 'Pacific' and he supports MGTOW and understands why a guy would go this route. I found this particular video against feminists very well done. He gives a biblical perspective which is unique when compared to most MGTOW videos but arrives at many of MGTOW's conclusions. If you are not MGTOW and under the hopeful impression that a 'good Christian woman' would make a good wife, Pacific has a lot to say about that! He has had many experiences with Christian women which he shares to debunk that myth.

This actually might be the first reported case of feminism benefitting men! Creating a shared experience between Christian believers and MGTOW atheists!

Here is his video:   Feminism Is Taking Us Back To The Dark Ages!

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