Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Feminazis Trying To Ban The Word "Bossy"

Feminazis Trying To Ban The Word "Bossy"

A dumb idea

Ban bossy because being labeled in bad! Can we also ban misogynist? I feel 'misogynist' is holding me back from speaking my mind and standing up for men's rights. Imagine how far we could of progressed with true equality weren't it for feminists using the word misogynist to shut us up? Hmmm... come to think of it they banned (destroyed) words in George Orwell's 1984 too.

So after they ban bossy, I guess our next stops are the words domineering, authoritarian, oppressive, autocratic, dictatorial, coercive, controlling, overbearing, tyrannical, despotic, and high-handed. Eventually we'll just be left with just two words, "Dear, Leader."

Random feminist

 Star Power

Then there is the campaign with a bunch of female stars each imparting their wisdom (as many stars insist on doing) and how we should ban bossy. Can anyone say First World Problem? Shouldn't we be using star power for more pressing , life and death issues? Last time I checked, people were still dying of starvation in Africa, Fukushima was still poisoning the Pacific Ocean and the fish we get from it, and 30% of deaths in Canada are still from cancer. Rather than ban bossy, how about banning carcinogens in our food, and our environment? When I watched Live Aid in 1985, I actually got chills how all these huge stars in the music business got together in relief of the Ethiopian famine. When I watch the ban bossy video, I get flatulence.

Only girls suffer

I grew up in the 1970s, and I recall bossy being used with both girls and boys to describe their behaviour. A child was called bossy, usually by a parent, mostly during play when one child would arbitrarily decide to do things only their way to the point of being domineering, and dictorial. Reading the comments section on youtube and other websites discussing the ban bossy campaign I find cuts to the chase and removes the layer of political correctness crap. The following comment was someone who went by "x404" but I could not put it anymore eloquently:

Alright, let's say bossy is banned. Instead of a little boy explaining why he has a problem with a girl in his class, he simply tells her she can't come to his birthday party. When she repeatedly asks for an explanation he has to either ignore her or make up a lie. Because she continues being a bossy little asshole, similar situations happen to her over and over. Since her behavior is never allowed to be criticized, she comes to the misguided conclusion that "they're mean to me because I'm a girl."

As always, the feminists make no mention that their issue could also apply to those evil beings known as boys. It didn't take a hard google search to find who else is being labeled bossy:

Franklin is a boy turtle by the way. He never became a CEO.

The female author seems to think Brandon is bossy...

Even the rooster is bossy.  Ban Roosters!  These MALE chickens wake up girls (who cares about the boys) too early and then these girls will be too drowsy to assume leadership.  Even the animal world is oppressing women!


One last word about leadership.  It's not 'politically correct' to say this, but let's face it;  most leaders of corporations are assholes! I work for a company where the team was forced to work ridiculous hours, usually past midnight, 6 days a week for most of the year to met a nebulous deadline which later became a clearer deadline for a tradeshow no one knew about until a month prior.  Despite numerous glitches, crisis, unexpected results, and some key employees putting in a 24 hour shift, we barely made it.  After the trade show, praise was heaped on the CEO by the board of investors. The chairman himself sent an email to everyone thanking the CEO for his "leadership". In my world he would of been fired.  Extremely poor planning, vague specifications, and ever-changing requirements lead to utter chaos.  One engineer who had worked 7 days straight received a snippy email from the CEO for not coming in on the 8th day which was a Sunday.... Mother's Day.  (PS: we're still waiting to see the fruits of our labours coming up on a year after the deadline.)

There are many, many more points I can write about the ban bossy campaign.  The following video by user "Thunderf00t" captures thoughts that I hadn't even considered.  I would love to see a rebuttal video by Sheryl Sandberg, because I cannot see how one could be made without her pulling out the hysterical emotion and namecalling card.

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