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Goals - Wheel of Life

Goals - Wheel of Life

My experience

A MGHOW (Man Going His Own Way) by definition is a statement of self-ownership and a declaration that you alone have the right to decide what your goals in life will be, as opposed to having your goals dictated by others. It's a great declaration, but don't spend too much time basking in it... there is work to do! 

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The Wheel of Life is a common tool used by 'life' coaches everywhere.  I was first exposed to it in the book "Success for Dummies" by Zig Ziglar.  It was over 10 years ago, and I lost sight of it until recently I came across it again at the following link:

Not quite the same as Zig's, but I liked how this one fleshed out some key points for each area of life.  I don't know about you, but the first thing that comes to mind when I hear "Personal Growth" is weight gain, so I changed that category to "Personal Development".  Career / Work I find a bit depressing to be honest. To me, "career" is one of these corporate type terms that tries to paint a job as being on par with something more important, like family, or... LIFE. Also, lets face it, most of us do not have a career, but 'just a job'.  According to Forbes, 70% of employees HATE their job!  A true career, in my view, is a job that you REALLY, REALLY, LOVE, has a definite career path, garners respect, and makes your richer over time as your expertise grows. 


For those that are unaware of Level 4 MGTOW:

Level 4: Minimalism
Men who have decided that it is not in their best interest to waste life by working at jobs they don’t like so they could buy things they don’t need. He will not produce more than is necessary for his own individual survival and acceptable standard of living... - See more at:
Level 4: Minimalism
Men who have decided that it is not in their best interest to waste life by working at jobs they don’t like so they could buy things they don’t need. He will not produce more than is necessary for his own individual survival and acceptable standard of living...

With that in mind I changed "Career / Work" to "Work & Entrepreneurship".  I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but during 11 years of marriage this was very limited and stifled.  The years following divorce I spent way too much time trying to catch women, and way, way, too many hours on online dating sites that I could of been using in something more productive!  After embracing MGTOW, you could say I'm going from "Enter-No-Pussy" (Level 3 MGTOW) to Entrepreneur (Level 4 in that I only need to produce enough for an acceptable standard of living), and as a means to leave "Work" as defined as paid employment (i.e.leaving 'just a job').

My MGTOW Wheel of Life

Level 4: Minimalism
Men who have decided that it is not in their best interest to waste life by working at jobs they don’t like so they could buy things they don’t need. He will not produce more than is necessary for his own individual survival and acceptable standard of living... - See more at:

MGTOW wheel of life
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So as a Level 3 MGTOW, ( defined as a man who rejects all form of traditional romantic relationships, including dating, one-night stands, etc. Any contact with opposite sex is kept strictly professional.), I re-worked the wheel to better fit and reflect MGTOW and my life.  Yes, I know I spelled Entrepreneurship incorrectly, but I am a MSHOW (man spelling his own way).  I later decided to split up work and entrepreneurship into their own areas.  Relationships/Romance are definitely out for a myriad of reasons that could be a separate blog post in itself....  oh wait, it is!   See my first blog post at  or simply click "The Journey Begins" button at the top menu bar.

Evaluate your life!

Once you have your own 'wheel', you can rank how well you think you are doing in each area of life, a 1 being 'totally dissatisfied, a 5 being just a pass, while a 10 would be that you feel totally satisfied.

The section labelled Entrepreneur used to have "Romance", so feel free to change it back (if you still chase women), or change it to something that has meaning to you.  You could even get rid of it altogether as there are no rules that you need 8 pie slices.  Just google "wheel of life" and you will see many examples with different categories like purpose, social life, lifestyle, travel, and so on.

My self evaluation

Physical Environment - 7 - fairly comfortable renting a quiet 1 bedroom apartment which is less than 5 minutes away from work. Not fond of ever owning a house again but not ruling it out either. Seriously need to get rid of some clutter.

Work - 4 - friendly small company but a sweatshop.  Company actively trying to be sold which will mean my shares will be worth something, but job security after that is quite unlikely. Limbo.

Finances - 7 - Doing very well saving up money but dragged my heels on how to invest it.  I now have a plan but stocks are overpriced at this time.

Health - 5 - My diet needs a reboot. I stay up too late. I don't exercise. I drink too much coffee, because I stayed up late the night before.

Family and Friends - 6 - kind of indifferent. I have a small circle of friends, but I am okay with that.

Entrepreneur - 3 - A long way from working for myself.

Personal Growth - 4 - need to cut down my internet use and get back to reading more. Need to manage my time much better.

Fun and Recreation - 7 - sometimes I get carried away with a hobby at the expense of relaxation.  I still haven't seen the movie No Country for Old Men!

MGTOW wheel of life - Evaluation
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So, how is your wheel?  Lopsided?  Balanced and round, but small?

My motivation

I currently have 19 goals which I try to work on equally.  I found that some goals overlapped with each other, and some had become stale and then ignored.  Some were made on a whim as soon as one goal was reached, with no looking at the big picture (or the big wheel). I only have one goal in Health, but 7 goals under Finances.  I simply won't reach those 7 goals if I am dead (or worse).  Think of your wheel's pie slices as each containing goals that will improve your score in that life category.  You can see how approaching your goals from this top-down approach can save you quite a bit of time, and steer you away from some goals that would have little impact or just become "busy work".

I do have each goal written down which is very important, otherwise they just become dreams that you think about from time to time. Before you know it, YEARS have passed and you are still dreaming.  Some goals are a bit too general like "Escape the rat race."  Upon inspection, one of my goals does not even fit on my wheel of life, and is now obsolete thanks to MGTOW.  Speaking of MGTOW, this exercise and this blog post, took a lot of time. Would I be able to do this if I was married?  I have my doubts! Not to mention the segments of my wheel which would not mesh well with my ex-wife's wheel (if she bothered to even go through this exercise).

The Wheel of Life exercise is the perfect starting point for goal-setting. My next steps are to take my wheel and create a mind-map for each area of life (segment).  That should make it clearer as to what goals are needed and/or what actions can be assigned to goals I might already have.

Books I've read that helped

Success For Dummies
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Rich
Think and Grow Rich

Friday, 25 April 2014




First, I'll start off with an article I recently found at Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. They listed the TOP 10 SKILLS MEN LACK.  I won't provide the link to the article since they did not take the time to have a follow up article for the TOP 10 SKILLS WOMEN LACK.   So much for equality.  Oh wait, feminists claim they fight for equal human rights, so I expect them to launch a protest in the defence of men any minute now!



·         1.Buying clothes for partner 52 per cent
·         2. Remembering anniversary 41 per cent
·         3. Dancing 33 per cent
·         4. Ironing 31 per cent
·         5. Cooking 30 per cent
·         6. Domestic chores 30 per cent
·         7. Buying gifts 28 per cent
·         8. Multitasking 22 per cent
·         9. Keeping up with fashion 22 per cent
·         10. Picking furniture 21 per cent

How odd that when you take out dancing, the remainder of the list neatly fits into two categories:
  • ·         Stuff you can BUY for the woman
  • ·         Stuff you can DO for the woman 
old but better built than today's chipboard crap.
old but better built than today's chipboard crap.

My rebuttal

1.Buying clothes for partner - narcissistic much? At what point in my life was I supposed to take a course in women's clothing.  Should I be into fashion too?  Speaking of fashion, for a society that is all about going green, how much sense does it make to make TONS of clothing get sent to the dump just because it is no longer in fashion?
2. Remembering anniversary - Yes, because it's ALL about you isn't it?  You get jewellery, I get a tie.
3. Dancing - I hate dancing. NEXT!
4. Ironing - Ever heard of wrinkle-resistant clothing?  Or that trick where you immediately hang clothes as soon as it is out of the dryer so that it doesn't wrinkle? With so many single mothers out there, why is it that their sons cannot (or will not) iron?
5. Cooking  - All through my life I have seen more men that are able to cook than women. In most of the married couples I know, it is the man that cooks the Thanksgiving turkey.
6. Domestic chores - I guess maintaining the car, mowing the lawn, fixing toilets, installing new taps, shovelling the snow, and so on just don't count.  The majority of men that I know also work longer hours than their wives, and at harder jobs than their wives.  Funny how that point never makes it into the myriad of articles bemoaning how women do the bulk of the household chores.  Articles typically written by women, for women.
7. Buying gifts - see #2
8. Multitasking - Multitasking equal Multi-Mistakes.
9. Keeping up with fashion - WTFC.... Who The F**K Cares!   It's a dumb racket based on pack behaviour
Fashion.   Pffft.
Fashion.   Pffft.
10. Picking furniture - You mean how we find something we like in the first 10 minutes, that you don't like, then it's followed by an hour of  compromise and  meeting your criteria of "Well this one has some light greens in the pattern" that will compliment the green of the picture frames on the wall..."   Also, see 9.

  These are ALL skills that:
  • ·         have almost NOTHING TO DO WITH MEN'S ROLES IN THE HOUSE
  • ·         have almost NOTHING TO DO WITH SOCIETY AT LARGE.

 Top Ten Skills MGTOW men lack

1. Giving a ****.
2. Caring about over a woman's entitled laundry lists of demands.
3. Realizing that you need a woman to prepare meals.
4. Ability to be treated like an ATM
5. Inability to swallow double standards.
6. Capacity to see that being legally robbed is a blessing.
7. Failure to see the beauty in being nagged and screamed at.
8. Desire to breed children that come with a bill but no role as father.
9. Willingness to self destruct.
10. Capacity to be manipulated.

Early picture of me while married
Early picture of me while married

I found this gem of a list in a comments section.  Hard to argue with any of these points and acts as a quick reminder why MGTOW is the life for me.

Monday, 21 April 2014

MGTOW bringing Christians and Atheists together!

MGTOW bringing Christians and Atheists together!

 I consider myself Atheist, but found this religious guy on YouTube very watchable. He goes by the name of 'Pacific' and he supports MGTOW and understands why a guy would go this route. I found this particular video against feminists very well done. He gives a biblical perspective which is unique when compared to most MGTOW videos but arrives at many of MGTOW's conclusions. If you are not MGTOW and under the hopeful impression that a 'good Christian woman' would make a good wife, Pacific has a lot to say about that! He has had many experiences with Christian women which he shares to debunk that myth.

This actually might be the first reported case of feminism benefitting men! Creating a shared experience between Christian believers and MGTOW atheists!

Here is his video:   Feminism Is Taking Us Back To The Dark Ages!

Please do him a favor and subscribe and/or give his videos thumbs up!

Day #29

Friday, 18 April 2014

MGTOW Humor for Day 26

humor, poster, relationships, marriage
MGTOW Humor for Day 26

A Chinese propaganda poster than lent itself rather well to my view of marriage.

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7 Smart Ways to Spend Your Raise

Did not have the time to make a 3D model of a percentage sign
I got 2%

This week I received an unexpected raise.  Last year I did not get one due to financing difficulties at work (which was really POOR planning by management).  So time once again for the 3 stages of a raise:   Joy, disappointment, and amnesia!   Only somewhat kidding.  When I was married with children, there were always demands that sucked that money away.  As a MGTOW however, the disappointment part is somewhat lessened as I put the raise into my goals, and not someone else's priorities.

I hope to carve out a bit of a niche with my MGTOW blog.  Although complaining about women is so darn FUN and cathartic, I hope to provide some useful content that all MGTOWS can USE.   A corner stone of MGTOW is  the supreme right to decide what YOUR goals in life will be as opposed to having your goals dictated by OTHERS.   This is especially true when it comes time to decide what you are going to do with a pay raise.  No more someone like a wife using your raise to justify buying a new car, granite countertops, a bigger house, or a bag of rocks at Pier 1 Imports (yes, they really do sell bags of rocks there).

Here are my MGTOW flavored tips:

1. Save for retirement. 

Old man prodding feminists with his caneThis is a natural choice for myself as it is a major goal of mine.  Even if it is not yours, at least half of it should go to your retirement account.  What people don't realize is that as your income grows (assuming of course you are lucky enough to be in a good and stable field of work),  you naturally become used to that new income level.  Expenses rise to meet Income, and for many it surpasses it.  If you want a similar income level in retirement, it goes without saying that you'll need to save more to get there.  In 1990 I would of been happy planning to retire on 24,000 a year.  But that $24,000 was 24 years ago... that's 24 years of inflation! 

2. Planning for a worst case scenario

Hair Club for MenJob loss, your dog needing root canal, or some huge unforeseen expense . Way back when I used to own a townhouse condo, I received a special assessment .  Special assessments are large, typically one-time charges by the condo corporation for an expense that is over and above what your condo fees pay for.  Mine was fortunately small compared to a different set of condos in a neighboring city which needed their leaky roofs replaced at a cost of $8000 per unit.  The special assessment I received was for $650 for a new garage door.  Apparently ONE unit had a garage door that got rusty and the board was concerned that it could fall on someone, and leave ALL of the unit holder exposed to a lawsuit.  So over a course of a few weeks, all 46 townhouse units got a new garage door.  The one I had was perfectly fine other than some minor surface rust at the very bottom lip of the door.  Currently I have about half of my gross annual salary in my TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account, for those of you not familiar with Canada). It is in a high interest savings account, and I might put a portion into a short-term bond fund.  Basically you don't want to put it into anything that could lose half its value (like the stock market did in 2008, or silver did from 2011 to 2013). Do not consider this dead money.  This emergency fund can serve double-duty as the income/safe portion of your investments.

3. Pay down debt.

Paying Ye Old Visa Bill.  You probably ALL know this one so I will spare you the story of 19% interest on credit cards, blah, blah, blah.  I am 100% debt free (which I attribute to being MGTOW), and I never carry a balance on my credit cards.  I just collect cash back rewards.  

4. Book a Trip

Peter, we could steal that pig. We could eat that pig!I was weary to put this tip down since I have no inclination to travel.  I never caught the travel bug. However one article I read said that research shows that spending money on experiences, rather than objects, lead to great enjoyment of that money  than buying "stuff".  So a memory from a concert, or a weekend trip, will provide more lasting happiness than dropping a few bills on a new TV or the latest iPhone.   PS:  stuff breaks.

5. Save for something fun

Winter is not fun.This is very similar to the previous point, but the key point is SAVE.  Do not put it on a credit card. Save up until you can pay for it with a credit card (to collect cash back rewards) AND be able to pay the bill in full when it comes 30 days later.  If you buy something  on credit without money saved to pay the credit card bill in full when it arrives, you are potentially putting yourself in a bigger hole if you lose your job in the meantime.

6. Don't get stung

Bee missing its stinger.  Also known as a Mangina.If your raise is actually a bonus, don't forget state sponsored theft, otherwise known as taxes.  The $1000 bonus, easily becomes $600 after taxes so don't be an idiot and go out and buy something that is over $600.

7. Invest in yourself


My favorite investment is me!This could be anything from a series of classes, or a book where you LEARN something.  As a MGTOW one of my goals is to get away from salaried employment, so a course to improve myself for the benefit of my boss is not in the cards.  Instead it would be anything that I enjoy, and/or get me closer to some goal.  If it is something that can potentially earn me money on the side, even better!  Buy (or beg, borrow or steal) a book on how to do your own taxes, then use Studio Tax (a free Canadian tax program) , and e-file it for free!  This is what I did after thinking I would have to go to a company like H&R Block to do my taxes because I was recently divorced at the time and didn't know how that would change doing my own taxes.  I was stupefied when they didn't have an answer of what receipts I would need and what I could and could not claim on my taxes.  Surely I was not the first divorced Dad in Canada?! They said they would look something up and get back to me in a few days by phone.  In the meantime I hopped onto the internet, read a bunch of stuff at the government websites, and found the answers myself.