Monday, 24 March 2014

Canadian MGTOW logo

The term MGTOW first made its appearance in 2004 in the context of a men's rights group.  The symbol for this movement is shown below.

According to a wiki at the site A Voice For Men, best described the philosophy and politics as: 

MGTOW is an evolving consciousness of self-determination and way of looking at the world. Unlike the lockstep and dogma of so many contemporary movements, MGTOW is entirely individualistic, even though many men may arrive at the same conclusions from having observed the same phenomena. The MGTOW-symbol promoted by the originators shows a path deviating from the main road (ie. individualism), and an arrow (evolutionary potential).[8] The originators of the phrase further proposed that MGTOW need not be affiliated politically, that efforts can be made to "avoid pulling it to the left or to the right politically."[9] The proposition for political apartisanship, however, carries no moral authority for individual MGTOW who are free by definition to choose any political alignment they wish.

For my blog, I incorporated the symbol with the Canadian flag.  If you are also a Canadian MGTOW, Feel free to use this image anywhere you choose.

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