Monday, 31 March 2014

Animated MGTOW flag! (reuse allowed)

Animated MGTOW flag (reuse allowed)


Doing a quick google image search of MGTOW doesn't really come up with many results of the of the yellow symbol some of you might be familiar with. 

MGTOW Popularity

Kind of surprising considering the rising popularity of this movement:

So if you have a mgtow inspired website, be sure to put this symbol somewhere on your webpage and help grow the movement.  The sooner the general public becomes aware of us, the sooner society can discover the feminist lies out there.

Animated MGTOW flag

I like to dabble in graphics, so I made this animated MGTOW flag video clip.  Feel free to use it in any MGTOW inspired videos you create, or simply fly it high and proud on your website!

[LINK to embed code]


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